Sexy Summer Times

June 4, 2017 4 min read

We just had one of my favourite English holidays, May Day. This festival marks the beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere, and I remember as a child having a May Day festival at school. We would spend weeks learning to dance around the Maypole, weaving brightly coloured ribbons around it.
As an adult, the start of summer means something different. 

May Day is a celebration of life, sexuality and sensuality. This translates into the rest of the summer. The late spring weather seems to get everyone feeling frisky, maybe because the warmth of the sun and the lengthening days we can spend more time outdoors. We're all wearing fewer layers, and as the temperatures rise, we get treated to more than a glimpse of skin.

Knowing me you've probably already worked this out...but yes, I've done naughty things in public. However, it is a situation where you need to be prepared for the consequences. While being naked in public isn't necessarily illegal (double check for your country) doing sexy things does usually break obscenity laws. So, if you decide you fancy taking a leaf out of my book and enjoying the great outdoors in a sexy way with your partner, please be prepared for the potential consequences. I haven't been caught yet but you never know, and let's be honest part of the thrill is the possibility you could be seen, right?

I love summer, it is definitely my favourite season. I realise it might just be me but I have the warmer weather really seems to rev my engine. Not only do I want sex...I want it all the time. Even if I've just finished having it, I want it again. Unfortunately, as the weather gets warmer I am prone to behaviour that could get me arrested...

It seems so much easier to get sexy outdoors once the weather gets warmer. Let's go for a walk, the woods might be a bit cooler with all that shade leads to sex against a tree. Let's go to the beach and paddle, which leads to surreptitious hand jobs while desperately hoping no one notices. A quiet beer garden where you're giving a speedy blow while desperately hoping the bar staff don't come out to collect glasses. A drive in the country that ends with you parked up down a country lane steaming up the car windows and surprising the occasional rambler.

I've got naughty in lots of interesting places, and very rarely is it planned, usually it started off as something innocent, and ended up with us naked and gasping. I can't even blame being young and irresponsible, I did things like this last summer. The only thing that has changed as I've gotten older, is that I don't get naked on sand beaches. I don't do sex on sand beaches. I don't do hand jobs or blow jobs on sand beaches. A good kissing and groping session are about as close as I get to sexy fun on sand beaches. 

You may be wondering why. Well when I was about 20 I went on holiday, and one night walking back to the hotel, we found ourselves alone on a quiet stretch of beach. One thing led to another and sexy fun was had...and then I had no more sex for the rest of the holiday. Still not with me, then I'll spell it out. You know how when you come back from holiday you seem to be washing sand out of your hair for weeks? You also know that sand is abrasive? Add those things together and the result is not good. 

I think we were really lucky we didn't tear the condom, I was in pain every time I went to wee for a week. It felt like someone had scrubbed my delicate areas with a pumice stone. Please learn from my experience, sandy beaches are just not worth it, and no a blanket or towel will not save you.

That being said I still feel like there is nothing quite the same as having a nice hot day, and going out to find a nice quiet secluded spot. I throw down my picnic blanket, and we strip off. Lying together in the sun, feeling the sun warm my skin. I love the laziness of lying on my back watching the odd cloud drift across the sky, while we talk quietly to each other. 

I reach out every so often to stroke my partner. Playing with the hair on his chest, feeling the muscles in his back, the way his arms flex as I run a finger down his bicep and forearm. I glance around to check we're still alone before I let my fingers skim lower, grazing over his cock. Watching it stir and thicken before wrapping my hand around his shaft. Stroking in long lazy movements at first, then shorter firmer ones, until I'm pumping it, as he moans. When he gasps my name, shooting ribbons of white over my fist and onto his stomach, I hand him a wet wipe before lying back and smiling as I adjust my sunglasses.

What are you waiting for? Grab a blanket and go enjoy the sun.

Cheryl Kaye
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