Shh. Be Quiet.

November 7, 2018 4 min read

We were dancing. The atmosphere was shabby. Although it was only 5 degrees out in the street, inside the pub, everybody was sweating.
The place was crowded, and our shirts were full of stains of the drinks people had spilt over us.

We have been waiting for the concert all week. But as soon as it started, we felt tremendously disappointed. It wasn’t a real concert. It was just a jam session between some friends. We wanted to get out of the noise and the sweat. We needed a cigarette and smoking inside the pub was forbidden. On the other hand, we had paid for the ticket and our friends were inside and if we went out, we could not enter back.

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So we went a little hall which led to the restrooms where everybody was smoking “secretly”. I went to the toilet to refresh myself a little, and I saw how big it was and how great the mirror was. I came out. He lighted my cigarette. The people in the hall started going back to the concert while we were smoking.

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Suddenly, I felt a vibration inside of me. And then another one, stronger. I didn’t know what was happening, but I could barely breathe. I looked up to him. He was smiling. He pulled out of his pocket a little pink thing. A remote control. And then I remembered. I had totally forgotten that before leaving home, I have introduced inside of me a small vibrator we had just bought which he could control remotely.

He looked at me with that sweet eyes he has when he is a little drunk. I kissed him. He tasted like beer. He was warm. It was hot. We were sweating. I was excited. The kisses started to be more passionate, more aggressive. We needed it. But suddenly, two men entered the hall. I was still vibrating. I looked at him and then looked at the ladies restroom. He started to be nervous. There were people around, and he didn’t want anybody to notice what we were up to.

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I took his hand and walked determined towards the toilet door, opened it and we both entered. I started kissing him; he forgot about his fear of being discovered and began sliding his fingers through my body. He put me in front of the mirror and started kissing me from behind. 

I could see us both sweating, turned on, looking at the glass. And then he put his fingers around my neck. He knows how much I love that. I started moaning. ‘Shhh. Be quiet'. He touched my ass, slowly, kissing me. He pulled down my knickers, and I could feel his breath in my butt. He approached his fingers to my vagina and sweetly extracted the vibrator. A long moan was the only thing that could come out my throat.

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‘Shhh’. He whispered again in my hear to remain silent, while starting to fuck me from behind. I couldn’t control that moan. He put his hands around my neck. He looked at me through the mirror. His eyes were love, were passion, were nervousness. Mine, the same.

Moans. The sound of our bodies coming together and separating at the rhythm of sex. The sweat. His breath on my neck. His hands in my hips, scratching. ‘Knock Knock’. Someone was waiting to enter the toilet. I put back my knickers. He pulled up his trousers. And we got out the restroom, looking down, laughing nervously. All sweaty, relaxed, happy.

The concert was over. We left the pub. I was feeling so comfortable. My hair was crazy, and my eyeliner had run. I hadn’t reached the orgasm. Neither had he. But I was feeling so relaxed, so satisfied. The fear, the excitation, the nervousness, the time running, knowing there were people at the other side of the door waiting not knowing what we were doing. That made us discover a new type of sex that would give us the best sexual meetings of our relationship.

We were walking home hand in hand. It was cold. It was late. Nobody was in the street. We passed through a park. He stopped. He looked at me. Kissed me passionately. ‘Wanna start again? But you must be quiet’.

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