Ripe for the Sniffing: A Market For Used Panties

August 24 6 min read

When it comes to fetishes, nothing really surprises us anymore. People find bizarre and unconventional things to be some of the biggest turn-ons. From golden showers to an obsession with latex and even more dangerous obsessions like gun and knife fetishes, nothing ceases to amaze us. This is why on the scale of oddness, a panty fetish doesn’t really rank too high on the list. But what about a used panty fetish? 

Okay, now you’re talking! 

There’s actually a huge market out there for buying and selling used panties. Guys (and gals) get off on the feel and smell of used undergarments. But that’s not all. There’s actually some science behind this underwear obsession. 

So hold onto your panties (or throw a price tag on them), and let’s take a closer look at why people get off on dirty drawers!

What is a Panty Fetish?

Let’s start with the basics. A panty fetish is basically a sexual obsession or fascination with undergarments - specifically, underwear. This isn’t all that surprising since we all know what’s underneath the panties. That’s where the real turn-on is. Underwear is the gateway to the good stuff. It’s an intimate part of someone and once removed, that fabric holds the legacy of once being up-close-and-personal with someone’s private parts. And for some people, that’s sexually arousing. 

Why Used Panties? It’s As Much About the Wearer as the Fabric

Thongs, and boy shorts, and briefs, oh my!

What fun is a clean pair of underwear? I mean, sure, it can feel sexy to buy and wear new lingerie, but they usually smell like the department store and could belong to anyone. That’s where the secret of the used panty fetish lies. It’s not so much the look of the underwear. It’s more about the idea that a specific person whom you find attractive was once wearing them. That very pair of underwear you now hold in your hand was once rubbing right against that person’s crotch. 

You’ve probably heard the term “panty sniffer” before. This is one of the most common indulgences for anyone with a panty fetish. They want to experience the scent of the wearer. It makes sense when you think about it. Our sense of smell is one of our strongest. It helps connect us with memories and experiences. There’s also something intoxicating and arousing about the smell of your lover’s skin. It’s also believed that a certain scent might actually bring the person back to an especially powerful orgasm or sexual experience. They may connect the smell of post-workout panties with the best sex of their life, therefore letting them relive that moment over and over again through their olfactory senses.

Unfortunately, being obsessed with used underwear poses one major problem -- how to get them. Raiding people’s panty drawers, swiping them from your Twitter date, or snagging a pair at the laundromat are all frowned upon (and illegal). So how can someone with a panty fetish safely and legally indulge in their fantasy?

Introducing... the online marketplace for buying and selling used underwear.

There’s a Market for That…

Not too long ago, an online marketplace developed strictly to indulge this fetish. Marketplaces like Sofia Gray and others help connect buyers and sellers in a safe, controlled environment. There are a few benefits to using this type of platform. 

First, it’s convenient and discreet. Buyers who are less than vocal about their panty fetish can easily order used panties from vendors of their choice without a PSA. Second, it’s a great way for sexually adventurous sellers with no qualms about parting with their used undergarments. In fact, certain pairs of used underwear sell for over $35!  

Another benefit is that these marketplaces actually get extremely specific about the types, styles, and conditions of the underwear they sell. That means if you have a very naughty imagination or want a specific fluid on your panties, chances are, you can find a seller who has what you want. Some of the more outlandish requests include panties that were worn to the gym or hot yoga, during a female’s menstrual cycle or even ones that haven’t been washed in weeks. For some people, the more used, the better. We say, whatever floats your boat! 

In many cases, the buyer wants to see the individual wearing the specific pair of panties prior to making a purchase. While the seller doesn’t need to show their face, the buyer wants that visual connection. When they receive the panties, they can envision the woman wearing them and indulge in whatever fantasies they want. Because this is such an intimate exchange, certain safety precautions must be followed.

Safety First

So, what protection do both the buyer and seller have in this underground used panty exchange? It depends on which marketplace you use and where you live. In some countries, selling used undergarments is actually illegal. But in those countries and states where it is legal, there are certain steps both parties take to remain safe.

We already mentioned not including your face in any of the photos you share. Some people choose to use fake names or aliases. It’s also recommended you never include a return address on the packages you send. Some people take their panty fetishes to the next level and engage in stalking or other illegal activity. The last thing you want is for a loyal customer who’s purchased dozens of pairs of your underwear to show up at your door! One of the biggest concerns buyers have is anonymity. Many of them neglect to share their used panty fetish with family, friends, or even their partners. They often use fake names or P.O boxes to receive their naughty deliveries.

Most marketplaces vet and monitor both buyers and sellers to ensure everyone has a safe, positive experience.\

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Used Panty Fetish

Does any of what we shared here intrigue and excite you? Good! There’s nothing wrong with having a sexual attraction to panties -- used and new. 

Whether you enjoy the scent of a used pair of panties or you’re now looking at your underwear drawer in an entirely new light (did I just wash away money?!), there’s a market for you. Remember to always be safe (and legal) and never be afraid to indulge in your unconventional fantasies and fetishes!

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