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October 4, 2019 9 min read
  1. OCTOBER 2019

ARIES Mar21-Apr19

Money should be earned for then could be wasted. 

Money in movement is good don’t keep it for yourself, and buy food.

TAURUS Apr20-May21

You are the winner of the Best Month for Sex 2019 this October given by 

The Seventh Dimension Universal Association (TSDUA).

Enjoy your price, protect yourself, and have fun!

GEMINI May21-Jun20

The first weeks of October you’ll feel an extraordinary physical strength you can barely control. 

It’s a good moment to change the furniture in your home or helping someone with their move.

CANCER Jun21-Jul22

As a summer sign, you are always afraid of the incoming cold season. 

Protect yourself spiritually with this amulets: a jacket, wool socks, blankets and an electric radiator. 

They’ll protect yourself in and outside home.

LEO Jul23-Aug22

Same as Virgo, you have no planets in your house this month. Free yourself! 

Maybe you can plot something with a Virgo. 

Like something dark and magical. Or just hours of sex without limits. 

(Always play safe sex)

VIRGO Aug23-Sep22

Absolutely no planets are in your house this month dear Virgo, so choose one and use its influence. 

If you ask me, I’d choose Uranus. It’s the most creative and it will open your mind in many senses

LIBRA sep23-oct22

The Sun is going to be in your house the full month to give you energy, confidence, lust, money, recognition.

 You are a superhuman for a month, but remember that carries a great responsibility.

SCORPIO Oct23-Nov21

Mercury and Venus are in your sign at the same time. Don’t panic. 

Venus for love and Mercury for intelligence, both can be positive for you either on bed or at work.


This month, after the moon on day 5th, you are allowed by The Ancestors to express yourself exactly as you are. 

People is going to accept almost everything from you.
Almost. Honestly, your taste on snickers could be discussed.


Show your feelings for once, dear Cap. And ‘hungry’ is not considered a ‘feeling’ so, come on, try a little bit harder.

AQUARIUS Jan20-Feb18

Your best match of the Zodiac is Libra and it’s their season. If you are somehow engaged with one, congrats! 

If not, go for it! You will recognise them by their shinny blue-to-green aura. 

They are literally glowing. You don’t even need to ask.

PISCES Feb19-March20

You waste around 10 hours per month looking for random things at home, like the keys or the glasses.
Pay more attention. Or clean your home. Well, definitely clean your home, please.
You don’t even know where your cat is.

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