Let´s play on a higher level - About Looners and the balloon fetish

September 11, 2018 5 min read

When reading the world „Looner“, you may ask yourself what is this all about!?

I’m not talking about a loner or a lunatic person, the word „Looner“ happened to become the name of balloon fetishists. Besides that, there are even more specific terms like „Popper“, „Non-Popper“, „Semi-Popper“, etc. cursing around in this world. 

The balloon fetish is probably one of the most colorful and multifaceted fetishes there is.
In short: balloons can cause a sexual feeling, merely the specific triggers are entirely individual and diverse. 

But before I give you a more detailed insight into this bouncy, kinky world, please put aside your current imagination of balloons. There are multiple types, varying in design and shape, which you can’t buy at your local grocery store. 

There are figure shaped ones, big airship balloons or huge giant ones. 

The regular little round balloons we all know, are nice and sweet and for sure Looners enjoy seeing them as decoration or something similar. But when it comes to more sexy fun, they are not necessarily suitable, and to a lot of Looners they are just boring.
In most cases, it’s not enough to get aroused only by seeing balloons motiveless hanging around somewhere. There are much more exciting possibilities. 

Now let’s get real. I think for all Looners everything is about the material, the shape, the look, the feel, the color, the flexibility and the high tension that such a fragile object can take. 

The power, teasing and pushing boundaries are essential aspects. You can be gentle or rough and play with the limits of the balloon as well as with your partner’s. You may think you are in full control, but that’s not true. Balloons might burst anytime, unwanted or provoked. This characteristic can add a lot of excitement and thrill to the interaction.

So, to be more specific, some Looners get aroused by actually playing with them - sitting on them, rubbing them and having sex on them, alone or with other people. 

Some just love to watch people playing with them in a teasing, sexy way. Some of them hate it when a balloon bursts, they may be terrified by the noise and try to avoid it in any case. These people are called „Non-Poppers“. 

Other Looners enjoy the thrill of bursting them in different ways or enjoy observing others popping some balloons. These are called „Poppers“. 

„Semi-Poppers“ are somehow in between. Some of them just pop balloons from time to time, maybe they feel aroused, or perhaps it’s just for fun. Others don’t care about the burst at all. 

It’s just a bit of a bummer when your sex toy is suddenly gone. 

For me personally, I’m not into specific labels and prefer to leave my options open. 

That’s why I’m a big fan of Semi-Poppers because it’s just not possible to make a particular definition and everything stays individual and variable.

I’m pretty sure that you don’t have to own this specific fetish yourself to enjoy a lot of sexual pleasure with them. 

The use of balloons as a pure sex toy provides you with unique characteristics, which you can’t compare to anything else. 

There is this special playfulness, bounciness, and the dominant teasing, which might add some thrill and unpredictable fun to your current sex life. 

Imagine sitting down on a balloon, it will immediately deform its shape and adapt to your body proportions and temperature. It becomes warm and soft, but at the same time you will see and feel the enormous pressure this fragile balloon has to deal with. Now imagine another person sitting down, the pressure and excitement rises and in addition to that imagine, imagine you two having sex on top of the balloon. 

The balloon can’t hold itself but to take over every single move, with every push, you get pushed back by the balloon even harder. It’s like an elastic band you’re trying to pull apart, but it’ll snap right back. It gets really bouncy and at the same time your genitals are being stimulated thanks to the huge pressure beneath you, sometimes I close my eyes during this act and utterly loose orientation, which is pretty exciting. 

To top it all off, there is always the fear that the balloon might burst. So, all in all, it can take your sexual intercourse to another level, physically and mentally. But keep in mind that this is just one possibility. There are many more ways to interact and have fun with balloons.

Ultimately it’s also perfectly suited to combine it with other kinks, for example with the Latex fetish.

If you get triggered by materials in general, you apparently might enjoy mixing things up with other things like nylon, rubber, lycra, etc. BDSM  mixed with the balloon fetish is a pretty good match as well.
Power, trust, pushing boundaries, sensual pain and thrilling excitement are important aspects for both fetishes. 

So... why not mix things up a little and become creative with adding some new spice to your sex-life?

Maggy BerLoon
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