British babes Robin and Star first met in Spain where they were introduced through friends after meeting in a local bar. Sparks flew and the pair were soon taken with one another. Now, 10 years since they met, they’re sharing a little of what has made their love – and lust – so enduring. 

That said, the two are no strangers to a little exhibitionism: their first date was a night out in the buzzing Spanish seaside resort town of Benidorm and their first kiss took place on a stage in a night club – much to the delight of onlookers, they say. In the 10 years since, their irrepressible lust for each other has taken them from that fateful first smooch on the night club stage to, well, just about anywhere that they reckon they can risk tearing each other’s clothes off.

“We’ve had so much crazy sex over the 10 years it’s hard to pick just one most adventurous experience but up against a lamppost in broad day light has to be up there!” they say. And, of course, there was the time they drove up a mountain, got really horny and decided to stop and have sex on the car bonnet (hey, it’s our preferred way of taking in the views too). The couple say that they typically have sex at least three times a week but cheekily admit that sometimes it can also be three times a day. Trying to make it fun is key to that they’re happy to admit is a “pretty epic sex life”. Star’s favorite position is doggy, while Robin’s likes the ‘pearly gates’ position to find his sexual heaven. And what’s fun without some toys thrown into the mix? Sex toys are always a welcome addition to their play, though when it comes to the turn-on that trumps all other, anal is “the big one”.