Renee and Jack’s romance reads like the stuff of your hottest vacation fantasies. A hedonistic party in the moonlight in a secret tropical bay in Thailand? Check. An instant spark with a mysterious stranger? Check. An amazing night skinny dipping, dancing and making love under the stars on the beach? Mmm-hmmm. And, one magical night later, a new travel partner with whom to explore the world? It sounds too good to be true but when it comes to these two, you better believe it.

Since that fateful night, the travel-loving twosome say that they’ve spent six months discovering new parts the world together, having interesting, intense and fun adventures. Of course, their eagerness to explore applies to each other too. “We have sex pretty much every day and both love to get creative when it comes to location,” they say. On the beach, from viewpoints, in caves and waterfalls – there’s nothing this playful pair loves more than shedding their clothes and inhibitions in nature. If there’s a risk that someone might catch a little glimpse of them, all the better, which makes their front porch and windows favourite go-to go-at-it locations too. 

Boundaries, positions and kinks are all new and thrilling opportunities for exploration too. For example, the couple have discovered that they share a kink for anal play. They also love positions that maximise the intimacy of the moment. “Our all-time favorite position is a variation on missionary where Jack is on top and Renee is laying on her back with her legs up on his shoulder with our heads close together so we can kiss and look into each other’s eyes. We love the closeness and intensity of this position.” Now that they’ve joined the Lustery community, they’ve assured us we’ll definitely see it in their videos… “As long as we are not climbing trees or on rooftops where this position could be a little too exciting!” they laugh.