Self-confessed nerds, Canadian cuties Raven and Jacques say the fact that they met at an arcade is more than fitting, first going on to become best friends before the fell in love. The same playful nature that had them hitting the high scores in the arcade has also followed them into their relationship and, needless to say, has led to a few bedroom adventures too.

“We enjoy exploring our bodies and kinks together,” they say, adding that often their playtime turns out to be educational too. “We have learned so much about each other and our sexuality through sex. We are always growing and learning.” 

Of course, like any proper education, it comes with a side of discipline, which Jacques – as Daddy – is more than happy to mete out, when needed, to his good girl, Raven. Their dominant and submissive dynamic is explored with nurturing and love, making for passionate, playful and sensual scenes with more than a little naughtiness thrown in. “We both really enjoy spanking, choking, toy play, oral, pet play, role play, wax play, bondage, Shibari, DD/lg (Daddy dom/little girl), age play, mask fetishes… The list goes on! We are always discovering new naughty things that we can enjoy and explore together,” they say. 

The kinky couple’s tried-and-very-tested favourite positions are cowgirl and doggystyle, both of which feature prominently in their jaw-dropping debut. Raven also has an oral obsession and her absolute best thing is to deepthroat Jacques until she gags. And as for Lustery? “Come check out our content and see what it’s like during playtime in our bedroom,” they tease.