Melissa and Jason met in 2014 at a hippie festival and they hit it off immediately. By happenstance, they set up their campsites next to each other and ended up bonding as more than camp neighbors that weekend. Both Atlanta natives, they had been crossing paths for years without ever having met each other despite having mutual friends and frequenting the same locations. At the foot of the Appalachian Mountains on an inspiring and beautiful piece of land, they fell deeply in love and began their journey together. 

Their connection has led them through a lot of growth and self-exploration though adventure. Lovers of travel and the outdoors, they have explored a lot together. These psychonauts love spending time outside, hiking and enjoying nature together. They go to local Burning Man events, drum circles, sweat lodges and hippie gatherings as often as they can. Good, nutritious food, quality cannabis and excellent coffee are top priorities for these two. 

When it comes to nourishing their relationship, supporting each other in living their lives to the fullest and being able to open up to each other about fantasies, desires and goals has been a winning recipe. Together, they’ve explored their bisexual interests and had their first MMF and FFM threesomes (not to mention foursomes, orgies, play parties… the list goes on). They love going to sex conventions and conferences, learning new BDSM techniques and trying out new toys with each other and friends. Not only have they discovered their exhibitionist sides together, but also their deeper and more intimate sides as well. Beginners in tantra and energy work, they have unearthed techniques for deeper and more connected sexual experiences which has strengthened their bond. And as you may learn in their first Lustery video, the pair decided to start a family and are expecting their first child in August 2020.