Some summers are more memorable than others, and for Argentinian paramours Juno and Ulises, the one that stands out is, of course, the one when they met. They say, “We kissed for the first time one rainy day, almost dawn. And since then, we’ve never left each other's side.” 

Standing by each other has seen them through four years together, two of which were spent married, and they have a young son. It has also meant supporting each other through the trials and, more often, triumphs of an open relationship. “We love to share ourselves, and from the beginning we decided that we would have a relationship open to diverse sexual experiences,” they say. It wasn’t always easy, and often jealousy, anxiety and fear would arise. It’s a situation that they combated with constant conversation and trust, and now, they say, they’ve overcome those mental barriers.

“We love to try new things, to play, to repeat, and to play again,” they explain. “We’re open to change and to continue transforming ourselves. In our sexual life, we’ve enjoyed threesomes, voyeurism, individual love experiences, shared with other couples… a little bit of everything.” When it comes to their bedroom antics, the passionate pair reckon they’re classic but daring. “We love role-playing,” they say, “but we also love classic romanticism.” 

And what makes their mouths water? Dildos, oils, massages – and, of course, participating in Lustery is another fantasy fulfilled. Sharing their intimacy on camera for the first time is more than a new thrill for these two; it’s an opportunity, they say, to deconstruct ideas of sexuality standard in mainstream porn and bring the honesty – and fire – of their experience to a platform that they think is fun. Cheers to that!