Almost everyone who has run the dating app gamut knows the feeling: going on date after date with one person after another, and losing faith one dull conversation at a time. But when Mia met Joe, for once it was a match that didn’t sputter and fail to ignite. Their first date saw these United Kingdom-based cuties staying out together until 3am. By their fourth date, going out wasn’t even on the cards. “We pretty much left our clothes at the door and didn’t leave the house all weekend,” they say.

Together for 18 months now, the loved-up pair got engaged a year in after a perfect sunset proposal in Italy. That romance isn’t just reserved for special occasions though. “We have sex whenever the mood takes us. Most of the time it is extremely close and passionate – it doesn’t have to be crazy wild to be amazing!” Their favourite position is rear entry “because we can go slow, fast, hard or just tease and work our way to some really intense orgasms together”. That’s right, these two are so in sync that they even love to cum at the same time. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a side of kink on top of all that sentiment. Both self-confessed “kinky switches”, Joe and Mia love to play and try out new things like exploring different power dynamics and being tied up, spanked and teased. “We try not to take anything too seriously unless one of us does deserve some proper punishment,” the say. “And we love the funny moments, when you get cum in your eyes or go to work with dried cum in your hair, for example. We’re just a couple of dorks having fun.”