There’s nothing better than going into a clothing store and finding that special something that really seems to be made for you, that flatters you and makes you feel sexy, no matter what. For Jamie, that “special something” just happened to be Nico. 

The couple, who live in Freiburg, Germany, met in 2016 when Nico did a double take when he noticed Jamie browsing through the racks in H&M. “We talked a little bit and exchanged numbers,” says Jamie. “He texted me and asked if I had found anything beautiful in the store besides him. I thought that was very funny. I asked him if he’d found anything beautiful and he told me only me.”

Just a few days later the pair made plans to meet again, going to the Christmas Market to drink mulled wine and then on to Nico’s apartment to listen to music. The two ended up having sex for the first time that night ­– her first time ever – and, by the sounds of things, haven’t stopped since... Three years later, they have sex at least once a day with Jamie claiming missionary as her favourite position, while Nico loves doggystyle. 

Their sex life is as adventurous as it is active: if they’re not risking getting caught while slyly fucking underwater in a public thermal bath (“It wasn’t intentional, it just happened,” they laugh), they, well, are getting caught filming their frisky action. “We were at the sea and Nico was filming me sucking his cock and then we saw that there was an old couple walking, and they had seen us filming for at least 10 seconds!” says Jamie. One time, they might have even been spotted by military jets! Guess it’s a good thing for Lustery that “top secret” isn’t quite their thing…