While Lustery couples are, as a rule, far from average, American newcomers Hanna and Jin’s relationship defies just about all conventions – and that’s exactly the way they like it. 

Hanna is a microbiologist and has spent years cooking and studying ancient indigenous fermentation and what it looks like in different cultures around the world. She also loves animals, everything musical, design, and dance. While Jin's educational background is in behavioral healthcare, her current career focuses on digital art production, film, and social justice. She is a performing artist, teacher, and storyteller, who spent the first half of her twenties launching an urban food pantry and shaking cocktails for the East Coast's top one-percent.

The American pair have been in a relationship for the past five years, and just moved in together in time to join hands (“and other stuff,” they tease) as business partners in the media sphere. Though calling them a “pair” may be a little inaccurate: Hanna and Jin are, in fact, secondary partners and both have their own, separate primary partnerships. 

It’s not only each other that these two are hungry for – the delicious hedonism that suffuses their relationship extends to the rest of their lives too. “We like parties and money and living in the woods,” they say, “you can find us on our farm, dressing up and running around fields and trees. We visit fancy cities for sushi, ramen, cocktails, and [Hanna’s secret passion] sourdough.” They also share some lavish fetishes (think pearls, diamonds, jade, and – as you’ll see in the captivating Lustery debut – quartz dildos) and cute favs, like Sailor Moon and Kill la Kill. And, having just bought a beach house, they’re planning to put it too good use capturing perfect golden hour sex sessions for Lustery. Yes, please!