While parties come and go, Brazil’s 2017 Carnival gave Felipe and Rafael something to celebrate every day since… 

It was then that the pair first connected, meeting on a gay dating app and deciding to enjoy the festivities together and use the carnival to get to know each other better. Despite some undeniable chemistry right from the start, they had both just come out of their previous relationships and decided not to get into anything too serious just yet. Eight months later, however, the time felt right. “It was one of the best decisions we made because it allowed us to get to know each other very well – we are much more than just boyfriends,” they say. 


Now living together, they joke that their relationship is kind of open”. “We like to have sex with other people together and outside sex we love romantic activities like going to dinner and watching series and movies together.” They also have sex every day, with their busy weekdays usually involving quickies when and where they can while their weekends are reserved for slowing things down and taking their time. They say, “We’ll start with some kisses or caresses in bed or even in the bath – our foreplay then always varies, but always involves a lot of chemistry.” 


The pair admit that from the outside they come across as a “very cute couple” but those who have gotten to know them better (in other words, fuck them) say that they’re insatiable. “We always like to do new things to spice up our relationship,” they say. “New positions, new toys, other guys – in bed, everything is valid for us. Today we're having a lot of sex on the sofa at home or at the dinner table, but we don't rule out the usual – sex in bed or in the shower – but we're always hot, we always find a way to have sex.”  


And the fact that they say they’ve always recorded themselves? That’s just a bonus for Lustery