Both erotic performers, Rotterdam-based pair Esluna and Marvin are used to being in the business of fantasy but the first time they laid eyes on each other – “just another day on the job” on a film set – fantasy got on the fast-track (quite literally) to becoming reality.

“The day we met, there were sparks all over and energy flowing everywhere,” they say as they describe their instant – and soon-to-become insatiable – connection. “It felt natural and good immediately.” Their fascination with each other was so undeniable that the boundaries between work and play quickly blurred – a “never done that before” experience for both of them – and they began to see each other outside of work.

Aside from putting the passionate pair on the happy path they’re on today, mixing business with pleasure and that incredible initial attraction also gave them the story of ‘the train’. Fate had them taking the same train home the day they met, resulting in their most adventurous sex story that culminated in Esluna giving Marvin a nearly very public blowjob on the train. “We started out with kissing and then ended up almost with sex,” they say. “Our next mission is to have sex in the train – the thought of it alone makes us already ready to do it.”

Of course, trains aren’t their only kink. “We love to experiment and try out different types of fetishes and kinks,” they say, with Marvin citing threesomes, rough play, BDSM and bondage as his favourites and Esluna agreeing every count and throwing DP, waterboarding and choking into the mix. Plus, she says, an orgy is high on her wish list. 

Watch out for their Lustery debut, a sensational sex tape that showcases exactly what attracted these two to each other in the first place: chemistry, chemistry and more chemistry.