The latest disarmingly charming addition to the Lustery couple community, Chloê and Rew have a common interest to thank for their connection: pegging! “Neither of us had tried pegging before but we both knew it was an important part of our sexual personalities that we hadn't explored yet,” they say. Chloê saw Rew's FetLife profile and was thought it was special: he made himself vulnerable but also liked showing off, and that was sexy. 

“We met for a date and found out that other than a mutual interest in polite boys getting pegged with big black cocks we also shared many other things in common,” they explain. However, they confide, it took them many months to actually try pegging together for the first time. “Chloê bought a strap-on and we were close to trying it out and had worn it together in some sexy sessions but right before we were about to try pegging for the first time, Chloê's backpack was stolen, with her strap-on in it! Anal sex thwarted again!” they laugh. 

It all worked out for the best though, as it gave the Berlin-based pair the chance to get to know each other really well with hands first. In the little over a year that they’ve been seeing each other, the kinky cuties have been able to explore a whole lot more of their fantasy fodder than just pegging. “We love anal and vaginal fisting, squirting, pegging, pregnancy fantasies, emotional power dynamics, dressing up, performing for each other and being filthy sluts together,” they say. “We like to have all-night sex benders that end when the sun comes up, and lazy morning sessions when we just do whatever comes to mind.” Apart from mind-blowing sex, they say, they also get to explore an exciting deeper emotional dynamic together, making for a relationship as romantic as it is raunchy.