A shared bus ride 14 years ago is what European life partners Bruce and Nicole have to thank for a romance that has more than gone the distance with them. As they tell it, they were on their way home from a summer party and immediately fell for each other. “Even from the beginning, we felt as if we had known each other for years already,” they say.

It goes a long way towards accounting for what has kept them going strong in the years since but we suspect their adventurous sex life doesn’t hurt either. As a result of their work, they spend a lot of time travelling on highways – an opportunity that Nicole regularly uses to suck Bruce’s dick while he fingers her until they both cum. (“Thank god for cruise control!” they say.) 

Even when they’re not on the road, their sex life knows no limits. “We’re together all the time, so we’ll have sex anywhere from one to five times per day,” they say. Their routine together means Bruce gets to enjoy Nicole’s pussy daily for breakfast (pussy-licking is one of their shared turn-ons) and, he says, “Nicole is like honey all day afterwards”. Nicole, in turn, loves surprising Bruce with sexy outfits and is always eager to suck him off – anytime and anywhere. 

The couple is candid about the journey their intimacy has taken. In the past, they explain, Nicole struggled to orgasm – something that Bruce was adamant to address together. “Our continuous effort to understand each other changed the situation to the extent that now Bruce teases Nicole so that she doesn't come too fast,” they say. “Our sex life is now at its best and there are even better times are ahead of us!” Times that’ll definitely be documented for Lustery, we hope!