Alena and Niko first laid eyes on each other while Alena was in the middle of what everyone will agree is one of mankind’s most primal acts: eating a burger...

With burger juices running down her chin (“It was so juicy I imagined it was my dick,” interjects Niko), Niko couldn’t take his eyes off the seemingly ravenous beauty. He took the opportunity of her full mouth to introduce himself, ask what she was eating and then order the same. The pair got to know each other between mouthfuls of burger with it fast becoming apparent that this shared meal would be no means be enough to satisfy them. 


When I saw him for the first time, I thought I was going to explode. He was very sexy and I really wanted him,” says Alena. “could see in his eyes that he wanted me too, so I invited him to my house for tea’.” Tea turned into even more talking for hours on various topics, as well as an attempt to watch a movie – but really, these two only had eyes for each other. I really wanted to kiss him and then feelings flooded over us...” she recalls, detailing how they went from kissing to having sex all night. 


The teasing twosome, both amateur porn performers, have been together for three years since that fateful burger and still love to tell the tale of their fortuitous me(a)ting. Luckily for us, their latest first is just as ‘juicy’ as the first time they met, as the pair make their filthy-fun debut on Lustery screens.