ASK LUSTERY 1: What's your favourite thing about sex?

March 10, 2017 2 min read

So many things you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask, right? Lustery wants to provide a platform for talking openly about sex and relationships. Without taboos and without shame, this section of the blog is a place for you to ask absolutely anything. And get answers. We might not always have all the answers, but we hope to give you insightful information and clear some of your doubts, hopefully even raise new questions you never asked yourself before and open new horizons. In each episode, I will read out loud your questions and choose the most inspiring ones for discussion.

The question that caught my attention this time was "What is your favorite thing about sex?". And since we are just starting, I decided to set the ground for some of the basics. And what is more basic than defining our matter:

What is sex?

What seems like a simple question turns out to have no simple answer. Truth is, if you ask different people you will get different definitions of sexuality, even the dictionaries vary in their approach – the Oxford Dictionary offers a very conservative definition that confuses sex with sexual reproduction. The Cambridge Dictionary is a bit more ambiguous thus leaving more space for interpretation. 

This demonstrates that sexuality is a personal, cultural and social matter. So our understanding of sex changes through time, culture and personal experiences and preferences. We would like to suggest an interpretation of sexuality that embraces and celebrates its complexity. A sex-positive approach gives us the freedom to find and explore our own desire and achieve the greatest pleasure, and honestly, sex should be all about pleasure. Otherwise is not that much fun.

The more we learn about sex, the more we learn about ourselves. In order to do so, we should always listen to and respect other people's desires and borders. At the same time, we should make our best to communicate about our own lust.

And so, back to the original question, what is your favorite part of sex?

Paulita Pappel
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