Unchartered Waters

Category: Erotica

Author: Pimenta Cítrica


The red ‘fasten-seatbelt’ sign went on above my head and snapped me out of the sleep-inducing, straight-to-streaming movie I was watching on the tiny screen.

The monotonous tone of the captain filled the cabin. I turned in my seat. My lower back was killing me, my whole body was stiff. I was so tired after over eight hours of flying and a long-ass layover at Panama City that the prospect of stretching my legs sounded divine.

Of course, this was not my last stop. I still had a long way ahead of me.

“Look, it’s so dark out there,” the middle-aged man sitting by my side pointed out, motioning at the sea of nothingness we could see out of the plane window. It really looked like a black void. Instead of scaring me, it sounded inviting; the idea of disappearing into a black hole for a couple days was exactly what I needed.

“We’ll be completing our descent into the Eduardo Gomes International Airport in Manaus in the next few minutes, local temperature is 25 degrees Celsius…”

Huh? I hadn’t heard the word ‘Celsius’ in so long. Probably the last time was on my backpacking trip in Europe when I was still in college.

So, what is a New Yorker doing alone in a plane diving into the heart of the Amazon rainforest? Trying to mend a broken heart, that’s what.

“So, what is a New Yorker doing alone in a plane diving into the heart of the Amazon rainforest? Trying to mend a broken heart, that’s what.”

Ben and I had been together for almost four years. I was so convinced that he was the one I was supposed to marry, have kids with. We met in college – in fact, just after my summer Euro trip, sophomore year. He was my first ever serious boyfriend and we moved to New York together after graduation. Things were just going…

Until they weren’t. Until he decided it was a good idea to end a nearly-four-year-long relationship via text of all things, two weeks before we were going on our dream vacation to Hawaii, where I was sure he was going to propose to me.

The news washed over me like a tsunami. I was totally blindsided. Maybe I’d been too consumed in my life, work and fantasies to pay attention and see it coming. However, it had. Ben was out of my life – and I was lost.

Some people suggested I go to Hawaii alone. I mean, the trip was already paid for. But the idea of being there on my own longing for him seemed way too pathetic. I was about to cancel my vacation altogether when Lydia, my best friend, took a sip of her beer while sitting in my living room and asked, “What about the Amazon?”

“Huh?” was my dumbfounded answer.

“Well, it was all you could talk about during college, remember? You swore you were going after we were back from Europe. I mean, why not now?”

She was right, of course.

I had a bit of an obsession with birds in my adolescence, which then evolved into an obsession with seeing tropical birds, and finally, getting down to the Amazon. I dreamed about feeling wild and free, and seeing the lush wild beauty. I longed for it. My plan was to do it as soon as I graduated, but like I said, I met Ben, and this plan took a backseat, eventually settling somewhere in my brain and turning into a distant dream.

However, as soon as Lydia brought it up, it lit up vividly in my mind once again.

Planning everything at the last minute was hectic but I did manage to find an excursion that would take me into the heart of the jungle. As soon as I landed, Paula, the guide, would pick me and several others up from the airport and take us on a six-hour bus and ferry ride, until we got to our camping site.

Everything sounded and felt exhilarating while I was booking; now that I was about to land, I felt like I was about to throw up. The panic was boiling at the pit of my stomach. What was I doing? Who was I trying to fool? I’m no adventurous wanderer. I am a graphic designer with a broken heart and a big credit card bill to pay once I get back home.

I felt the plane touch the ground. Well, it’s like they say: No time like the present to be someone new.


It’d been a week since I’d arrived in the Amazon, but it truly felt like years had gone by.

The first days were rough. I was scared and out of place. It was so hard to sleep at night; the jungle is alive, so noisy, restless, it makes it so hard to drift away. It also took a while to get used to sleeping in a hammock, not having any privacy, and how hot and humid everything was all the time.

“…the jungle is alive, so noisy, restless, it makes it so hard to drift away.”

However, I slowly but surely came around to it. Paula, our guide, was incredibly attentive and generous. Our camp was located just outside a riverside village, so we didn’t feel completely isolated. It was simple, yet structured with wooden huts, a well, and even a small gas oven.

Our daily activities were spread between yoga and meditation courses, workshops, and the maintenance of the camping. It’s funny – I was scared I would be bored, but truth is there was a lot to do, and the hours were well filled. I got to know a lot of people in our group, fellow soul-searchers like myself. An Austrian widower mourning the death of his wife, an Australian couple looking for adventure, a solitary Angolan poet… Many people, many stories, many interesting conversations.

On our sixth day, Paula said we deserved a little break and were all invited by the nearby villagers for a party that night. They would be celebrating São João, something that resembled the European Midsomer.

“There will be food, music, you’ll get to interact with the locals – I’m sure you’ll love it! It’s personally one of my favourite times of the whole year, so you’re lucky to be here now.”

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As we got around to the village that night, I was mesmerised by the starry night. I could live there for the rest of my life and I’d never ever get used to the Amazon sky. It was fully covered in bright stars, the firmament seemed completely lit up, in different hues of indigo blue and violet.

The air was thick and hot, and the full moon… holy fuck. It made everything bright in its way, shining intensely. It looked so close. I was excited to leave the confinement of the camp and mingle around, all this introspection left me longing to let loose.

The party was great. The food was delicious, and there was live music and dancing. It was easy to be swept away by the atmosphere, and soon enough I caught myself dancing around with villagers and people from my group, my curly blond hair bouncing freely as I laughed out loud, having genuine fun for the first time in a long time.

It’s like they say: Happiness comes in waves – sooner or later, it finds you again.


I was dancing around with two little girls from the village, as they were showing me the traditional steps of the “quadrilha” – a the typical Festa Junina dance – when I felt somebody’s eyes on my body.

I followed the burning sensation and that’s when I first saw him. He was leaning against a wooden pillar, watching the party unfold. I felt like I lost my breath somewhere in my throat. He was fascinating, strangely so, and I couldn’t tear my gaze away. I’d never seen anyone quite like him.

"He was fascinating, strangely so, and I couldn’t tear my gaze away. I’d never seen anyone quite like him.”

First, the way he was dressed really set him apart. He was wearing an open pink linen shirt, unbuttoned all the way down, and a Panama hat covering one side of his face. It was eerie and mysterious, but also a little bit ridiculous. He dressed like a character out of a movie. But even more strangely captivating was his whole appearance. He was tall and his brown skin seemed to glow, almost unnaturally. His body looked virtually hairless, that radiant skin stretched across his muscular frame in a way that made him look perpetually wet, even though he wasn’t. And his face – oh my god, his face…

His jaw and cheekbones were sharp enough to cut metal, a set of full, heart-shaped lips curved in a grin. His chocolate wavy hair was falling down to his chin, and his eyes were the deepest shade of amber I had ever seen. He was staring me down, relentlessly. I gasped, then blushed, but still couldn’t look the other way.

As if my feet had a mind of their own, I started slowly walking towards him in a trance. I really couldn’t tell what came over me. He flashed me an impossibly naughty smile as I got closer. His skin looked even stranger then; like there was a silverish undertone even if the colour was warm.

“Having fun?”His English was clear as day with not even a hint of an accent, which was equally strange.

“Are you American?” I asked, only vaguely aware of how stupid I sounded. He chuckled in response.

“No, galega, I’m from here, born and raised. Never left, in fact.”

Galega?” I repeated, confused.

“Yes. Galega. Gringa. Foreigner.”

I suddenly realised my feet had brought me very close to him. Definitely inside his personal space. He didn’t seem to care, however.

“Drink?” His hand suddenly produced a glass, which I gladly accepted. The drink tasted sweet and fruity but I could detect the strong hint of alcohol in it.

“What’s your name?”

He smiled again. “What’s your name?”

“M-Mina.” Suddenly, the spell was broken. Someone tugged at my arm. It was Paula grabbing my wrist, making me look at her. I turned my head around to find the stranger again, but just as he had appeared out of the ether, he was gone once again. “Wh-what?”

“Enjoying the party?” Paula asked in a fraught tone, which was completely disconnected from her question.

“Yes, I…”

“Listen, that man you were talking to? I know he’s beautiful but stay away from him. He’s trouble, okay?” She had a very serious look on her face. “Okay?”

There was a silent pause during which she stared at me questioningly.

“Sure, Paula.” I answered, confused, bewildered, and with no intention at all of keeping that promise.

The impression I had was that Paula kept her eyes on me the whole night. I tried to pretend I didn’t notice it, but the stranger sadly never appeared again. My body was buzzing, like there was a whole new itch I needed to scratch.

As the music died down into slower melodies and people sat down to bask in the moonlight and chat into the small hours, it seemed Paula was distracted that I could sneak out of the wooden tent, finding myself in the damp air of the Amazonian night.

I was hoping to find the stranger again somewhere. If I had to be honest, I had never wanted anyone that badly – not ever. I twisted my hands nervously, hoping, wishing to see him again.

The riverbank was alight with the moon; it looked close enough to touch the water. The sky was a bright shade of violet, speckled with a million flickering stars. I felt like I was on another planet, another dimension, another world – so far away from Ben, New York, or even the person I was when I first arrived in the forest.

A rumble underwater called my attention. I vaguely saw a swimming shadow under the surface, which quickly disappeared. A rush of excitement coursed through my body – it definitely looked like the shape of a dolphin. Could it be? I approach the waters to try to get a closer look, but nearly stumbled right in as a voice piped up behind me.

“Careful not to fall.”

Holy fuck!”

I was so startled that I nearly did. Once I recovered my balance, I turned around, only to see that beautiful stranger once again. He looked even more eerie under the moonlight. His Panama hat was gone and his hair was damp.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No, I… I wasn’t expecting it, that’s all.”

“Why did you leave the party?” There was a teasing look in his eyes, like he knew I came to look for him.

“I wanted to see the sky,” I lied.

“Right. It is very beautiful tonight. Full moon. It’s always my favourite time of the month.”

“You make it sound like you’re a werewolf or something,” I chuckled, trying to shake the uneasiness.

“No,” he said, and he was dead serious. “There are no werewolves in South America.” I smiled awkwardly. He came closer, touched a strand of my hair and I felt that touch all the way to my knees. “You have beautiful hair, Mina.”

“Thanks,” I whispered.

“Seriously. It’s so shiny and vibrant, one could spot these curls from kilometres away.” His finger trailed down my cheek. I felt like I was yielding under his touch. “Why did you come looking for me, galega? Do you even know what you want?”

“I want you.”

“Are you sure?”

I nodded because I felt like my voice was failing me. My eyes fell closed as he kissed me. It was like I had been sucked underwater by it. Something had turned me upside down, my senses heightened a million times. Suddenly, I could sense, smell, hear, taste the forest, the river, and him, as if they were all the same.

“Suddenly, I could sense, smell, hear, taste the forest, the river, and him, as if they were all the same.”

My body was on fire as he laid me on the riverbank, the flimsy summer dress glued to my feverish skin.

“Mina, you’re gorgeous. I’m gonna make you feel so good.”

I looked into his eyes, my thighs falling open as if I were under a spell. This is so out of character for me, I can’t even remember the last time I had sex on the first date, let alone with somebody I didn’t even know the name.

“Please,” I begged, with an unknown urgency in my voice. He smiled, letting the pink dress shirt fall down his shoulders. His skin was so dewy and glowing, unhuman even. I was transfixed. “What even are you?” I asked, wrangling out a bit of rationale from my inebriated brain.

He smirked. “A dream.”

He kissed me again, covering my body with his, and once again, everything disappeared. I felt like I was underwater, liquefying under him. I could feel myself getting wet – but it was happening on every inch of my skin, not only my cunt. My whole body was fluid, interconnected, as I clung to his slippery skin.

It’s hard to explain where he touched me first and how. My dress began to suffocate me, and in a second, he had freed me from it. Everything became a blur; I was a mess on the damp ground as all my senses entangled together. All I know is that when he touched my clit, the pleasure was so intense it hurt.

I threw my head back, wailing, overwhelmed by the wave of sensations washing over me. I had never felt anything like it.

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When he penetrated me, it was like a thunder was rippling through my body, echoing in all my nerves. I could no longer see the sky, the full moon, or the stars; instead, they all became a mix of kaleidoscopic colours, in shades of dark blue and rose.

I clung to him as he plunged into me. It felt so good but it was so much, like my body was not meant to experience such pleasure, like it was about to disintegrate in a million pieces.

Everything, from beginning to end, felt like an orgasm times a dozen. Eventually, my body gave up from the sheer stimulation and everything turned to black.

When I woke up, the birds were chirping aggressively in the canopies above. There was a beautiful tinge of bright pink in the sky, indicating the sun would be rising soon. The air was thick and humid.

I had my dress on and I felt like I had been extremely drunk. I wondered if the whole thing had even happened; the handsome stranger was once again gone without a trace. I sat up, still dizzy and shaking, and I gasped as I felt something dripping out of me.

Touching myself, I had a flashback of the suffocating pleasure I had experienced the night before. My entrance was wet, and when I pulled my fingers, they were coated in a gleaming liquid – silver, slightly iridescent.

I remembered Paula saying I should stay away from that strange man. It felt like it had happened a million years before. I had no regrets at all, though I knew I could never tell anyone what had happened. He marked me as his own, and that was a secret I would cherish for the rest of my days.

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