The Lustery Playlist: The LGBTCuties of Lustery

Category: Couple News

Author: Annie Brookstone

Gay icons, bisexual bangers and hit after gender-transcending hit… It can only mean one thing – it’s Pride Month at Lustery and we’re celebrating sex, love, relationships and self-expression in whatever form they take with the help of just a few of our incredible LGBTQ+ couples. (Lil Nas X, if you’re reading this, call us!)

Blossoming Romance Anca & Daniela


From Russia with lust, lesbian lovelies Anca and Daniela may only have recently made their Lustery debut but it was an immediate member favorite. In a tale of fantasy and fascination that echoes their own budding love story, we immediately fell for their irrepressible enthusiasm and rapt appreciation for each other that is every bit as visceral as it is vocal. And we haven’t even mentioned the naked oil massage yet…

A Carnal Carnival Felipe & Rafael


Earlier this year, Lustery celebrated a long awaited (and very eagerly anticipated) first with the release of our first gay video. It’s been a long time coming and, in all fairness to Felipe and Rafael – the utterly gorgeous Brazilian boyfriends who delivered their incendiary intimacy to our screens – after watching their sometimes-rough, sometimes-tender and always-hot debut, you’ll likely be coming too.

Best Foot Forward Ciprine & CyberXSwann


Whoever said kink doesn’t belong at Pride has clearly never met Ciprine and CyberXSwann. In fact, it was a shared interest in kink and BDSM that took the French femme-for-femme mega babes from “just friends” living together in a feminist queer collective house to lovers dipping their toes into play at the intersection of sex and power dynamics. And if you caught the not-so-subtle foot fetish hint just there, you’re bound to fall head over spiky pink heels for their Lustery debut.

Heavenly Bodies Atlas & Apolo


Hot on the heels (and we do mean hot) of fellow Brazilian babes Felipe and Rafael, Atlas and Apolo’s breathtaking first submission made it clear that real gay romance and captivating boy-on-boy smut is no one-hit wonder on Lustery screens. The teasing tattooed twosome list pissing, spanking, bondage, spiting, dildos, exhibitionism and drinking each other's cum as just a few of their kinks, so this is truly only the beginning…

Strap In! Roma & Noel


Argentinian lovers Noel, a trans man, and Roma, who is non-binary, are all about fully realizing and exploring their nonconforming identities – both in and outside the bedroom. It makes for an adventurous sex life led more by raw lust and authenticity than mere convention, with the jubilantly blissful (and quite often scream-out-loud) results in their wild strap-on ride of a Lustery debut speaking for themselves.

A More Perfect Reunion Snax & Manon


Long-distance love requires tenderness and naturing, and for queer cuties Snax and Manon that’s as true when they’re on opposite ends of the planet as it is when they’re pressed mouth to mouth and skin to skin. Their second Lustery submission documents their emotional (and utterly erotic) reunion after more than a year apart.

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