The Heat of the Moment

Category: Couple News

Author: Annie Brookstone

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from giving a platform to dozens of diverse couples from around the world and posting hundreds of hot, kinky, cute, sensual, subversive, sweet (and everything in-between) self-shot sex tapes on Lustery over the years, it’s that real lust doesn’t follow a script. There’s no precise formula for pleasure, no combo-move to “drive your partner wild” – instead, magic is made moment to moment with the right chemistry adding fuel to the fire.

It’s with exactly this in mind that we’re launching a new video format: MOMENTS.

When you think back on the best sex you’ve had, the memories that return with a delicious shiver and picture-perfect clarity are not full-length features – they’re the snapshots of a lover mischievously locking eyes with you as they greedily busy their tongue between your legs; her barely supressed moan as you slip your fingers inside her warm wetness; the twitching and pulsing of his cock as you kiss your way down the shaft… If you’re feeling inspired right now, so are we – it’s precisely these intimate, vivid, filthy flashes that we treasure and are looking to celebrate.

Moments is a new, shorter-format perspective on porn, all about capturing those special moments during sex, the sex practices that get you panting, and those unforgettable instants that dial up the intensity between long-term lovers, new flings, and the passionate partners that have made Lustery what it is.

It’s the little things that add up too: launching on 31 August, the addition of Moments to Lustery’s release schedule means daily new releases on the site. From quickies that feature every possible scenario from POV to kink, to middle and longer format vlogs that allow you to meet the couples to, now, the red-hot minutes of Moments, there’ll be something to match every desire!