Rinse And Repeat

Category: Erotica

Author: R. Liebenberg

June had a secret. On Thursday nights, she was unavailable. She couldn’t work, she couldn’t go for dinner with friends, or see a movie with her family. She was busy… doing laundry. June didn’t love doing laundry any more than the next person; it was just another chore like any other. But her Thursday nights were sacred because it was Laundry Day.

June’s secret… was her hot neighbor Finn. He was delectable, with chocolate brown skin and a deep voice. June didn’t know anything about him other than that he lived in the apartment opposite hers. He was quiet, kept to himself, and polite when they bumped into each other. But more importantly, by chance, he also did laundry on Thursday nights.

It started innocently when June found that their routines overlapped one night a week. First, there was a polite nod from her and a sultry smile from him while they separated their whites in the basement laundry room. Then he was there the next week, borrowing her detergent, and the next, saving her a machine when she was running late. He was a perfect gentleman but something about Finn made electricity dance along her skin when she was around him.

June would watch from the corner of her eye as he moved around. She liked seeing what his thighs looked like when he took out a load of laundry or what his shoulders did when he reached for the detergent. June felt that Finn knew that she was watching, and that he enjoyed it too.

“She liked seeing what his thighs looked like when he took out a load of laundry or what his shoulders did when he reached for the detergent.”

She was finally proven correct when he removed his shirt and sweatpants one Thursday night to add them to the washer. June blushed furiously, and Finn stood before her, leaning against a dryer in nothing but his jocks. He was at ease, and – she was sure – enjoying her shyness.

It was that same night when – by some stroke of luck, or misfortune – her panties had ended up in his machine. They were a pale-yellow bikini cut with a pastel blue strip of lace at the waist. Finn held them up in front of her, still wearing nothing but his underwear.

“I don’t think these belong to me,” he said.

June laughed, embarrassed but thrilled. He stepped closer to give them to her, but his eyes never left her face. In total silence, the panties exchanged hands while Finn stepped closer and closer. When he was close enough for June to feel his breath on her mouth, he ran a finger along her collarbone.

“Is this okay?” he asked her softly. Looking up into his eyes, June hooked a finger into the waistband of his jocks and tugged him closer.

“It’s more than okay,” she said into his mouth as she moved to kiss him. In one smooth move, Finn had his hands under her ass, lifting her. Seating her on the dryer, they kissed. No – they devoured each other. It happened so quickly, but June had wanted this from the minute she saw him in that laundry room for the first time. And ever since he had removed his clothes, she couldn’t stop thinking about his body on hers. If the Laundry Gods were giving her an opportunity to have some fun, spontaneous sex with her maddeningly hot neighbor, how could she resist?

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Kissing each other passionately, June’s clothes were quickly removed, and he was pulling her hips closer to him. Legs wrapped around his waist, he explored her pussy with his fingers, making her gasp and shudder as he deftly rubbed her clit. She moaned loudly as he slid two fingers into her, knowing that no one would hear them and they wouldn’t be disturbed.

June was getting closer to climax and becoming more frustrated. She needed him, more of him, and Finn was taking his time. He knew what he was doing to her but was waiting for the right moment – and edging her mercilessly in the process. As soon as the machine that June was sitting on entered its spin cycle, Finn was ready. Releasing himself from his underwear, he entered her. The vibrations from the dryer and the rhythmic pulsing hardness of him, his thickness inside her, were enough to take June over the edge.

“As soon as the machine that June was sitting on entered its spin cycle, Finn was ready. Releasing himself from his underwear, he entered her…”

The orgasm washing over June’s body took her breath away, her own twitches and convulsions almost as powerful as the vibrations from the machine. The combination was enough to make Finn come almost simultaneously. He held June in his arms as they waited for the machine to rumble to a stop. When they separated, he smiled and grabbed a shirt and a pair of shorts from his pile of clean laundry.

“I’ll see you this time next week,” he said with a glint in his eye.

June couldn’t believe what had just happened. It had been enthralling. Her legs quivered, and she couldn’t help but smile when she felt her lips still throbbing from how he kissed her. Over the next few days, June couldn’t wait to do laundry again. When she saw Finn in the hallway, they seemed to have an unspoken understanding and the delicious knowledge of a shared secret.

The next time June was in the basement laundry, she was excited but also slightly nervous. Would he come back that night? Would it happen again?

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you for a whole week,” said a deep voice behind her. June spun to see Finn shutting the door behind him. They closed the distance between each other quickly and started kissing immediately. Tearing the clothes from their bodies, June was seated on the dryer within seconds. Finn was tasting her as the vibrations of the machine below her sent waves of pleasure through her body.

What happened in that basement that night, and for many Thursday nights after, was a fantasy that June could only have dreamed of living. Without fail, June met her sexy neighbor Finn for a steamy quickie once a week, rinse and repeat like clockwork. And every Thursday, she made sure to give her clean towels an extra spin in the dryer, just in case.

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