Ready For Polyamorous Parenthood with Laura Boyle

Category: POV Podcast

Author: Aria Vega

Parenting is a delightful, chaotic adventure, no matter who’s involved. But what’s it like raising two kids with your former polyamorous triad, while a pandemic rages outside? As it turns out, relationship therapy is essential. This is the first of a two-part exploration into receiving and providing “throuples therapy.” In this episode, Aria chats with polyamory educator Laura Boyle about her academic and personal journey into non-monogamy, and how she formed her unconventional family.

Laura Boyle is a polyamorous, queer, disabled educator with a focus on consensual non-monogamy. She created the blog and weekly podcast, Ready For Polyamory ( to help provide practical resources and shared theoretical background for non-monogamous people, and those curious about CNM. You can follow her on Twitter @lauracb88, and on Instagram @readyforpolyamory.

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Podcast Transcript: