On Art & Eroticism: with Carly from AURORE

The adult entertainment industry is responding to greater demand for authenticity in its output. Searches on tube sites for “amateur porn” have soared in recent years, while platforms like OnlyFans thrive on the apparent accessibility of its stars. But it’s not only image-driven media that has seen such a shift. Readers of erotica are also ravenous for more real-life stories.

Enter AURORE, a burgeoning community of women and/or LGBTQ+ writers and readers of nonfiction erotica. But while AURORE is focused on the personal, its creator and curator likes to keep her own profile low. Influencer culture has made mysterious figures rare among business owners, but Carly is happy to cede the spotlight.

Carly is a writer, teacher, dancer, traveler, and founder of AURORE. She lives in Los Angeles and longs for New York. Her days are full of food, sex, sleep, and all the other pleasures that life has to offer. You can follow AURORE on Instagram.

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On Art & Eroticism: with Carly from AURORE

April 24, 2021

Where art, eroticism, and language overlap lies immense power. Carly, creator of nonfiction erotica hub AURORE, knows just how to wield it.