Nature’s Pleasure

Category: Erotica

Author: Bloom

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“I think that’s the clearing up there…”

“Three miles later.” Damn, this hike has been tough. I hope the view from the top is worth it. My boots scrape over the brown, dry earth as I conquer the last meter of the incline. All the way to the top.

“Oh my god… made it! Whooo!” I’m going to be so sore tomorrow but it’s so worth it for this view.

“There it is. Check it out. You can see our campsite on the other side of the lake down there.”

“It’s beautiful…” Your arms wrap around my waist from behind. You rest your cheek against mine and we look out together.

“Do you like it?”

“Yeah,” I smile. “I love it. You weren’t kidding when you said you knew the best view in the park.” I reach up and stroke my fingers over your beard. Your fingers play at the hem of my shirt as I lean into you. God, this feels good. I lean up and kiss you gently.

I’ve never been camping before. When you discovered that little fact about me, you booked a campsite for us right there on the spot. Now, this secluded lakeside slice of paradise is all ours for the weekend. This is your favorite state park; you used to come here all the time as a kid with your family, so you know all the secret trails and swimming holes. It feels so nice to be away from the noise and bustle of the city. No traffic, no cell phones. Just greenery and wildlife.

It’s so quiet out here. Except at night when you and I are alone in the tent. We’ve barely been able to keep our hands off each other since we arrived. Something about being out in nature, being alone together.

“Mmm, let’s stay here for a while?”

“Okay.” Your lips press against mine again and my legs wobble a little beneath me. You shuffle us behind a thick oak tree that shields us from the wind. The bark is hard and solid against my back. I catch a glimpse of the sky darkening as I kiss you again.

A couple of drops of moisture fall onto my face from above. “I think it’s starting to rain.”

You grin down at me. “I don’t mind.”

Your hands drift down to my hips and your tongue parts my lips. I wrap my arms around your neck and push my body flush against yours. God, I love this. Being with you up here, surrounded by this incredible view.

“You think anyone might hear us?”

“Nope. I think it’s just you and me out here. Why? Would that turn you on?”

“Getting caught having sex on a hiking trail? Mmm, it’s not in my top 10 fantasies, but who knows? Maybe it’ll awaken something in me.”

I love the feeling of your arms around me, your sandalwood aftershave. I lean up and place a few soft kisses against your neck, slowly dragging my lips down to your collarbone. My hands slide under your waterproof jacket, over your stomach as I kiss up to that sweet spot just behind your ear. Your hands trail down from my hips to my ass. You give it a firm squeeze. “Can’t keep your hands to yourself today, huh?”

“Mmm, guess not.”

Your breath is warm as you pull back just slightly to look at me. I love this dance of ours, those teasing touches, those bedroom eyes you always give me. Our hands roam and explore each other’s bodies… slow… savoring every moment.

A few raindrops hit the top of my head as you cover my mouth with yours. Your tongue presses between my lips. Our touches are just becoming more urgent. Fuck, I need to feel you… need to touch you… I slide my hand down through the waistband of your shorts. “Hard already?”

“Can’t help it…”

You roll your hips forward into me. Your cock rubs against me as your kisses along my neck grow more frantic.

My breath catches in my throat. “Mmm, fuck, baby… I want you. I need you. Right here.”

“Yeah? You want me right now?” You unzip your jacket, followed by mine.

“Yeah, right now…” Your hands are cold as they connect around my back and unhook my bra. My nipples harden immediately in the cold air. Our eyes never leave each other as I reach for your cock. Mm, I love the sight of it straining against your shorts. “Does that feel good?”

“Ohh, yeah…” Your work-worn hands feel rough against my bare skin as you press us even closer together.

“You want to fuck me?”

“Yeah, I want to fuck you…” You take my nipples into your mouth.

“Ohh, fuck…” Your tongue is warm and soft over each one. You leave them with a little bite before moving on to the next. A few raindrops fall onto my breasts as your mouth trails down my abdomen. Fuck, there’s something so… primitive… about fucking outside. Your hand dips into my shorts and finds my underwear. You rub the thin fabric with a few fingers. Fuck, I need to feel you actually touching me. I roll my hips into your touch.

“You really want me to fuck you, hm?”

“Yeah, baby, I really want you to fuck me…” Your fingers slip behind my underwear and you slide over my clit briefly. You tease it with quick little touches. Fuck, you’re so good at making me want it so bad.

“Be patient.” You kneel down and pull my underwear and shorts down to my ankles. The chill wind causes goosebumps to rise all over my arms and legs. You grab onto my ass for balance and push the flat of your tongue between my pussy lips. I arch my back against the rough bark of the tree. My fingers dig into your hard shoulders as you lick me into a writhing mess.

“Turn around…” You spin me around and I push my hands against the tree. Taking my hips, you tease your cock against my entrance. Fuck, it’s so hard now. You slide it back and forth across my clit… Back again… Fuck, oh my god, that feels good! One hand reaches around and squeezes my breast. Mm, I love the feeling of your hot breath against my ear…

“You want me fuck you? Right here… out in the open…?”

“Yeah, yeah, fuck me right here, baby, please.”

“Yeah? You want me to make you mine where anyone can see?”

“Yeah, please, please, baby–” You guide your cock inside me. Taking a fistful of my hair and a tight, firm hand around my hip, you thrust your hips against my ass. Fast… Hard… Primal… I brace my feet into the ground and dig my nails around the tree bark. Ohhh, fuck, this feels so good! I meet your thrusts with my own, pushing back against you. Your moans… the excitement of possibly getting caught… Fuck, it’s almost too much. “Harder, fuck, harder, baby…!”

“Yeah, you like that? Nice and hard, like that?” Your hand trails up to my throat and squeezes gently, not hard, just enough to feel good.

“Ahhh, yeah, yeah, just like that…!” Heat rises to my cheeks. I love when you go hard like this. I fuck myself harder against you. Ohhh, god, your cock is filling me up with every thrust so fucking perfectly. Yours is definitely the biggest cock I’ve ever had. Ohhh, fuck, I love it so much. I bet you’re watching right now, watching your cock disappear inside of me before sliding back out. Ohh, fuck, I bet that’s turning you on so much.

“Yeah, baby, yeah, fuck, just like that. Take that cock deep in you, baby.”

Your fist tightens around my hair and a shiver runs through me

“Yeah… That’s it… Fuck, you’re so sexy…”

My goose-bumped flesh is so sensitive right now. Even your nails running softly down my back to my ass are making me crazy.

“Nnnghh, yeah… fuck, yeah…”

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” You reach around with one hand and work my clit with sudden frantic strokes. “F-fuck, oh, yeah, yeah, just like that! Touch my clit, just like that!” Ohhhh my god, oh my god, you feel so good. Fuck, you’re so good at fingering me. “I’m-I’m going to cum soon…”

“Ohh, god, me too…”

I feel my pussy squeeze tighter around you as I get close. Right on the edge… You take my hair in your fist and the luscious mix of pain and pleasure sends me toppling over the edge… I can’t–I can’t hold on any longer. I’m cumming… I’m cumming!

“Aww, yeah, good girl… Yeah… Fuck!”

My body rocks back and forth into yours as tremors ride through me. I’m almost at the end of my orgasm when your body responds in kind. For many moments, we just stand there, panting. Your damp forehead rests against my back. It feels good against my chilled skin. As we gradually come back down to reality, I realize just how cold I am. I look up at the sky and the thick raindrops coming down onto us. You slowly pull out of me and pull me to you.

“Fuck, that was… so good.”


“Come on, let’s get back to the tent. We’ll freeze if we stay longer.” Shivering we help each other back into our clothes, but not without a few lingering kisses. I can’t wait to change into fresh, dry clothes and cuddle in the tent with you. You pull me into your arms for a passionate kiss, massaging my breasts as you do. “Come on! Let’s go!”

“Lead the way.”

Flashing you a wry grin, I turn around to face the trail we came up. As I start, I feel a firm swat on my ass and you squeeze hard, playfully growling in my ear.

“You’re such a bad girl…”

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