Mile High Club

Category: Erotica

Author: Bloom

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Another day, another flight, another city disappearing below the clouds as the plane takes off… As a flight attendant, the hurry and haste of flying around the world is something I’m used to. Just enough time to take in the air of a new place before service beckons.

I’m serving first-class again tonight. It can feel rather automatic at times: prepare the trolley, cater to the passengers’ each and every whim, make them feel important, rinse and repeat. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope for a surprise every now and then, but they’re hard to come by in my repetitive line of work.

I load my service cart with snacks and beverages. Then, I double-check that my appearance is presentable in the small mirror hanging in the service area. I rearrange a couple of stray hairs and put on another layer of lip balm. Perfect.

I roll my cart forward down the aisle.

“Good evening, sir. Can I get you something to drink?”

One by one, I address the first-class passengers, letting each of them know about our offerings and services. Each flight is an array of new faces, although they sometimes start to all look the same. I roll my cart up to the next row of seats and I notice you before you notice me.

Wow. Is it really you? Of all the people I could be serving on this flight…

What a pleasant surprise. I wonder if you will remember me. I certainly remember you… How could I forget? It was about a year ago, I think. I had a weekend to myself in Tokyo before my flight out on Monday. I met you in that tiny hole-in-the-wall bar somewhere in the Shinjuku district. And then, somehow, we ended up back in my hotel room. God, that night was unforgettable. Sometimes I still think about you. The way your body swayed against mine as we kissed beneath the low light in the bar. The way your fingertips trailed across my tits… my pussy…

I catch myself picturing your incredible naked body as I roll the cart closer to you and offer you my best smile. “Good evening, ma’am. Can I get you something to drink?” It feels so theatrical to talk to you in this way but it is my job, after all.

You glance up from the folded magazine in your lap and recognition slowly comes over you. Your luscious lips twist into a sultry smirk as my eyes travel down to your firm, beautiful breasts and the lovely curve of your waist.

“Oh my god, hi! I, um…”

You seem a little lost for words, and I can’t think of anything other than your moans that night.

“I’ll give you a few minutes to think it over. If you need me just wave.”

I push my cart forward to attend to the final row of first-class passengers and give you a naughty glance over my shoulder. Based on how hungrily you bite down on your lower lip, I think we’re both reliving that heavenly night in Tokyo right now. I can feel your eyes on me as I address other passengers on the flight and decide to have some fun with you…

I arch my back and lean forward onto the trolley as I grab a drink menu for the passenger to my left. I’m sure to give my ass a subtle little shake as I straighten back up. As I hand the menu to the passenger, I steal a glance back at you. Your eyes are full of lust and it’s clear that you approve of my little tease. After pouring the passenger their drink, I see you wave your hand at me from the corner of my eye. Playfully. Teasingly.

I think you’ve finally made a choice. I roll the cart back towards you and lean down to service you again.

“What will you be having, ma’am?”

It’s written in your squinting eyes and in the way you arch your body towards mine but I had to ask anyway.

“Oh, I think you know what I want...”

My heart skips a beat as I smile back at you, the scent of your perfume wafts around me as our shoulders faintly brush against one another.

“That can be arranged. The lavatory is always free for your leisure.”

I lead the trolley to the service area just ahead and vanish behind the curtains that hide the attendants’ station. Each second I wait is another second remembering our amazing night together. And here you come down the hallway, making your way to the lavatory. Coming to claim your meal for the night. I see the amusement on your face and the lust in your eyes as you walk up to the bathroom door.

Our eyes meet for a brief moment through the gap in the curtain and I’m struck with the passion you exhale, like a lioness waiting for her prey to come to her. You have this intense power over me. All you need to do is give me that look, and I’m yours. Just like that night.

I watch impatiently as you make your way inside the small bathroom. You walk in, leaving the door slightly ajar. An invitation for me to join you. I wait four, five, six seconds. All the other attendants are strolling down the halls with carts of their own. I discreetly slip into the lavatory behind you. It’s not exactly spacious in here, but it’s far roomier than the coach bathrooms. You’re leaning against the countertop, arms crossed over your chest, and a devil-may-care look in your eyes. I close and lock the door behind me…

“Fancy seeing you here. Of all the transatlantic flights you could’ve taken...”

“I guess fate wanted to bring us together one more time…”

“I guess so.”

I close the small distance between us and press my body against yours. Your hands clasp around my hips, drawn to them like magnets. I think we both know we only have a few minutes to be alone together…

Our lips meet with urgency, and just like in Tokyo, it feels natural and electric. Your lips are as velvety and soft as I remember them. I run my fingertips up your neck and take hold of a handful of your hair, holding you close to me as our tongues dance together. You embrace me, squeezing me into your body, pressing your soft bust into mine.

“I missed the taste of your lips.”

I lick my lips in response, my own way of repeating it back to you before I press my lips against yours again. My free hand wraps around your waist as I hoist you off the floor and help you slide onto the black marble countertop. My fingertips dig into the soft flesh of your ass.

You grab my hand and drag it from the sweet curve of your hips up to your firm, pliant breasts. You direct my touch, coaxing my fingers into squeezing your flesh. I can feel the tension between us growing more and more as you grip me tight with your legs. I move my other hand up to your chest, indulging in two handfuls of your beautiful, firm breasts.

Your fingers find the buttons of your blouse and you reveal your stunning body to me as you deftly undo them one by one. Before you’re done with the last one, my hands are already tracing the shape of your body under your blouse, and racing to undo the clasp of your bra. I know it’s so wrong to be doing this on the job… but I’m just so hungry for you…

As soon as your bra comes undone, I take hold of your nipples and pull them gently between my fingers. I lower my lips to your chest and suck on your erect nipples, one by one. My other hand squeezes itself between our bodies, peeling away the fabric of your skirt and exploring your panties underneath. God, you’re burning with lust. I don’t even need to reach your panties to know they’re absolutely soaked with desire.

I press my lips into every inch of your skin until I finally reach your thighs. I lower myself down to my knees and plant a hard kiss on your thighs, sucking your flesh into my mouth. You’ll have a little red mark on your skin, right here, something to remember me by when we land and part ways. I push my face between your legs and you eagerly spread them open for me. Your lace panties are the only thing keeping your pussy hidden from my sight. I press my lips and nose into that thin fabric and take in the scent of you.

Fuck, you smell so good. I plant another kiss on your pussy over your panties, and then pull them to the side, revealing your gorgeous pussy to me. I need to touch myself for you while I taste your wetness. I can’t help it; you make me so fucking excited.

I slide my tight dress up slightly and slip my fingers into my panties. I tease my clit a little, petting it as I lean back, taking a moment to appreciate the sight of you. If time wasn’t a consideration, I’d make you wait, but we only have a few more moments so I slide my tongue across your entrance slowly before parting your lips and setting my tongue on that swollen clit of yours.

Ohh, god, the possibility of getting caught is making me so wet. I rub my clit a little harder... Fuck, this feels so good. A flight attendant fucking a passenger – it’s so fucking wrong, but it feels so right. I push my tongue further inside you and smirk at the way you squirm above me, trying to keep quiet. Your body trembles with delight as you reach for the back of my head.

“I guess you’ll be going back to your seat with a soaking wet pussy, hm? Is that what you want?”

“Yes, please…”

I love making you shiver and squirm with my every touch. I want to taste your cum again, baby. Your hand holds me still as I suck your soaked labia into my mouth before my tongue finds your clit again. You tremble harder as my tongue whips and flicks at your clit. My hand reaches up for your breasts and I fondle them as my tongue circles your clit... over and over again…

“You want me to make you cum, don’t you? Do you want me to devour you?”

“Oh god, please make me cum... that feels so good... don’t stop...”

I suck and lick your delicious pussy more and more as I finger myself harder… faster… God, I’m getting close. I shove my face even harder into your pussy, my tongue digging deep into your slit. I can’t get enough of your juices.

“C’mon, baby. Cum for me. Right here, right now… Cum with me... we’re so close.”

Your orgasm rocks your entire body. And as you buck against me, breathless and

whining, my body jerks and spasms, hard. You moan into my shoulder to stifle the sounds. And when you’re finished, you kiss me.

God, you look so beautiful when you’re breathless. I watch your chest heave up and down as you catch your breath. You offer me your hand to help me off my knees, and give me another one of those delicious grins

“You’re… still so good at that...”

“Well, I take my job of pleasing our passengers very seriously.”

I pull my dress down and give myself a quick glance in the small mirror on the wall. I readjust my appearance and make sure there is no trace of what’s just happened. I plant one last peck on your lips before I step back and take a good look at my masterpiece: you, exhausted and satisfied on the lavatory counter, in what could be the last time we ever see each other.

“I hope your first-class service has been satisfactory. Now, I need to check on the other passengers…”

As long as my first-class lover is satisfied, I’ll consider this a job well done.

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