Me, Myself, and Them

Category: Erotica

Author: R. Liebenberg

Stacey sat in her car and tried to calm her mind. Was she really going to do this? She thought back to something her coworker Lucy had said the day before. “I guess you’re going straight home after work? You never do anything fun or adventurous anymore,” she’d remarked.

As much as she hated to admit it, Lucy’s words stung. So to prove her wrong, Stacey went to a bar instead. At the bar, Stacey had gotten talking to a beautiful woman. Alexia, she’d introduced herself. Alexia was sultry and confident, with long wavy brown hair, tanned skin, full lips and almond eyes. She moved with a grace that Stacey found intoxicating. A few drinks later, Stacey was aware of Alexia’s eyes on her, and – perhaps even more blush-inducing – her own desire to be touched by her. Before leaving, Alexia slid a napkin into Stacey’s hand.

“Join us tomorrow night at this address, 9PM,” she’d said in a low murmur, leaning in close to be heard over the buzz of the bar. “It’s an invite-only thing and…” Here she paused, a mischievous grin playing on the edge of her mouth as she pulled back just a hint to look Stacey in the eye. “And I’d love to see more of you. We’ll have some sexy fun, if you like,”

Stacey immediately understood Alexia’s meaning, and felt the blood rush to her cheeks. Well, not just there… The idea of fucking this gorgeous woman made her throb. But Alexia had mentioned us, which Alexia and someone else? Or even more than one someone else?

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That was why Stacey now found herself stalling outside the house of the address she’d been given. She had an idea of what might be happening inside but she’d never been to this sort of thing before; she’d never even had a threesome. She took a deep breath, reminding herself that she was doing this for herself, that she’d gone looking for fun and adventure and that she’d found exactly that. Feeling the breeze on her skin in her light dress, Stacey walked to the door.

A tall man answered. He had salt and pepper hair and piercing eyes. “You must be Alexia’s guest,” he said with a salacious grin. “It’s lovely to meet you. I’m Emmet, come in.”

Alexia was draped on a couch, and smiled lazily when she saw Stacey enter the room.

“Stacey, I’m so glad you came,” she said, and gestured to the couch next to her. Stacey sat, and Alexia kissed her on the lips. It was sweet and sensual – and surprising. Stacey’s stomach flipped. She wanted more. She was introduced to another man, Isaac. He was tall and muscular, with blonde hair pulled into a messy bun. Stacey quivered with anticipation.

Emmet handed her a glass of champagne as the chatter once again started up. Alexa casually rested a hand on Stacey’s thigh – her touch was both exhilarating and reassuring at the same time – and, with the other, tilted her own glass towards Stacey’s in a quiet toast.

They group talked and laughed, conversation flowing easily. Stacey felt comfortable around them, but she could feel undercurrents of desire that pulsed between the four of them. Eventually, Alexia looked at her meaningfully.

“I’m so glad you came,” she said in a husky voice, pushing Stacey’s hair away from her shoulders. Alexia leaned forward and kissed her neck. Stacey gasped with pleasure, immediately aroused. She closed her eyes to lean into the warm lips trailing down her collar bone and when she opened them again, Isaac started rubbing her shoulders.

“Is this okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” she nodded. “That feels amazing.”

Alexia smiled, that same naughty smile Stacey had seen yesterday at the bar. Ignited, Stacey kissed her full on the lips, deeply and slowly. From behind, she felt Isaac’s hands run up her thighs.

"..She’d gone looking for fun and adventure, and that she’d found exactly that."

Before she knew it, Isaac was massaging her ass, and Alexia’s fingers were pulling her panties aside to slip inside her. She was wet, and hot. More than that, she was excited and yearning for them, all of them. Emmet sat on a chair and watched for a while as Stacey gyrated with Alexia’s thumb, which was lightly circling her clit. When Isaac’s stronger hand dipped deep, it was enough to drive her mad. Stacey arched back, letting the pleasure take her body.

At that moment, Emmet stood and approached. He took Stacey’s hand, and made her stand. With smouldering eyes that never left hers, he started unbuttoning her dress.

Stacey felt herself shiver despite the heat, a delicious sense of anticipation setting her nerves tingling. She wanted more of Alexia and Isaac, but she was also enticed by the way Emmet’s sure hands moved over her breasts. And by the way he looked at her, eyes full of fire. Her dress fell to the floor, exposing soft, pale breasts that rose and fell with every breath.

Isaac grabbed handfuls of her ass and moved her panties aside once more, licking her pussy from behind. Crying out with pleasure, Stacey’s legs shook. Emmet cut short her cry with his lips, kissing her passionately.

Within seconds, Stacey was on the couch again, feeling waves of sensation spread like fire across her body. Emmet’s mouth had found its way down to her clit and Alexia’s lips were teasing her breasts while Isaac held her in his arms and fingered her from behind.


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They were a mass of bodies, warm and wet. Sensual, rhythmic movement, gasping and sucking. Stacey was inundated with touch all over her body, hands feeling, fingers pleasuring, and tongues tasting. At one moment, she was licking Alexia’s pussy and feeling her shudder beneath her tongue, and the next she was introducing Isaac’s cock to the back of her throat.

Stacey’s urgency started to mount, and she could see it in the others too. She pushed Isaac to the floor and straddled him. When she felt his slick, pulsing cock slide inside her, she almost orgasmed immediately. She started rocking slowly, and then took Emmet into her mouth. His hips slowly rocked forward, while he thrust his hand into Alexia’s pussy. Taking Emmet’s lead, she matched her speed on top of Isaac. Going harder and faster, Stacey cried out as she felt herself edge closer to oblivion.

Before she lost herself, Emmet slid out of her mouth and flipped Alexia so that her luscious ass was in the air. Stacey watched as he entered her hard, and she matched him stroke for stroke. Within seconds, Stacey unravelled. She felt herself clench around Isaac’s cock, and he held her close so that he could fuck her through her ecstasy. A moment later, he came too, jerking violently. The four of them orgasmed almost simultaneously, and then collapsed into a mound of limbs, slick with sweat and cum. They held each other and revelled in their euphoria. What a glorious night it had been, and there were still hours to go until dawn. Stacey smiled to herself, knowing that she would never forget it – and probably never be able to tell that Lucy at work about it either.

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