Massage With Benefits

Category: Erotica

Author: Bloom

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What a nice morning this is – the grassy smell of the green pasture mingling with the pure, crisp air of a recent snow. Most people like to go to tropical places for holidays, but I’m convinced the Swiss Alps is the greatest place in the world for a vacation. It’s not a bad place to live, either.

My first client for the day is waiting for me. Let’s see… you’ve booked a forty-five-minute full-body massage. Well, then. Let’s get started.

I slide open the door as softly and quietly as possible. A cloud of patchouli and bergamot-scented air wafts over me as I enter the spacious, dimly lit room. And then I see you…

You’re lying face down across the massage table with a thin blanket pulled over your lower body. Your hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail and your arms rest at your sides. Our massage rooms are designed for complete relaxation: soundproof and free from all outside distraction.

I break the silence of the room as gently as possible.

“My name is Dominic. I’ll be your masseuse for today.”

Slowly, you raise your head and our eyes meet. I can tell, even from this brief glance, that you’re in need of some rest and relaxation. I’ve come across many clients over the years of my time here at the Swiss Luxury Spa. All stunningly elegant and beautiful. All of different shapes and sizes. All with a range of temperaments. And, of course, I have found some of them attractive. But I have never been so immediately tempted by a client as I am now…

There’s something almost ethereal about you… an energy of alluring confidence seems to radiate off of you. I’m eager to bring you to a state of complete relaxation.

“Hi, Dominic,” you say softly.

“Is the temperature in here comfortable for you? Not too warm or cool?” I ask.

“It’s perfect, thank you.”

“Great. I’m going to start on your lower body and work my way up. If, at any point, the pressure is too much, just let me know.”

You lower your head back down as I coat my hands in warm oil. I’m excited to touch you, to engage all of your senses. I undrape the section of the blanket covering your right leg and run both of my hands along its length with slow smooth strokes. I assess for places of tension, gliding my hands forward and back. From your ankle to your calf. Then, up the back of your lovely thigh. Running my hands back and forth, over and over again. You sigh softly in response.

I cover your right leg now with the blanket. Before uncovering and shifting my focus to the left. I descend on your thigh with soft squeezes of my hands, kneading the skin and muscle with a practiced touch. The shape of your round, plump ass rises from the blanket and I can't help but continue to glance at it every chance I get. I wonder what it would feel like to run my oil-coated hands across your ass cheeks. What it would feel like to edge and tease towards your warm pussy.

My heartbeat increases and my cock twitches and swells inside my pants. It's unprofessional, I know, but you… you’re so incredibly enticing. It’s hard to focus. In order to get my mind off of your ass hidden underneath the sheet, I increase the tempo of my massaging your thighs and calves.

I take a deep breath, then cover your left leg, then slowly peel the blanket down, just below your ass. Your back is a sight to behold. Soft and smooth. That lovely dip of your waist is turning me on even more. I pour a little more oil than necessary into my hands before laying them against your shoulder blades.

“Is this pressure alright?”

You nod your head ‘yes’ and my thumbs get to work. I apply pressure to all of your knots, creating friction between your tense areas. I expertly move up and down your back before rubbing your neck with swift long strokes. You moan into the table.

I shuffle my legs a little to relieve myself of my arousal. There is precum dripping down my leg. My cock is throbbing. This has never happened before. I bite down on my lip as I apply pressure with the pads of my fingers. Your body writhes against the table and another wave of desire crashes over me. Your moans are so incredibly hot.

“Would you like to turn over?”

You turn over without speaking. I can see on your face just how much pleasure you’re experiencing.

You flip from your stomach to your back, allowing the blanket to slip from the table to the floor so that you're completely naked and exposed. Your eyes drift over towards me, and before I can hide my stiff cock, clearly visible in my linen pants. You smile ever so slightly.

“I am so sorry,” I apologize, my cheeks burning.

“Don’t apologize,” you smirk. “It’s perfectly natural.”

I’m a little flustered as I nod silently and return to my work. I’m grateful, and a little surprised by how understanding you are.

“I wouldn’t mind if you stroked yourself a little… while your hands are still coated in oil.”

My cheeks flush red. Did you really request that I... that I touch myself? For a moment, I’m stunned into silence. I can’t believe I’m doing this in front of a client. You give me a small reassuring nod... and I slowly draw my hands to the waistband of my pants and pull them down to my ankles.

I step out of them and pull my cock out of my briefs. Your eyes are on me the entire time, drifting between my cock and my eyes. You look very interested and invested in my pleasure.

I stroke my hard cock, and precum coats my palm. God, that feels good. But this massage is about you and your pleasure. I give my cock one last stroke before returning my focus to your body. I reach over and lay both of my hands against your breasts.

When you give me an encouraging look, I know for certain that you want me to keep going. I massage both of your breasts and squeeze each of your already hard nipples, swirling my palms against them gently. Your hips buck upwards and your eyes slide shut as you give in to the pleasure.

“Oh, fuck,” you groan. “Ah, yeah…”

You are a deliciously noisy client, aren’t you? I don’t think you can help it. Your body is just in such desperate need of release. I take hold of your legs again, slick and smooth from the oil, and caress your thighs with a little more force. I slide both of my hands beneath the curve of your ass. Your pussy rises upwards, as if inviting me to taste its juices. Or even enter inside with my hard, throbbing cock.

My hands slide towards your hot center and I pour more oil onto my fingers. Finally, I slip one after another into your pussy. All the while using my other hand to caress and tap against your asshole. Goosebumps ripple across your skin. Your eyes are fixed on mine as you breathe deeply in and out, your glistening body wriggling around on the massage table.

“Slide down for me. Right to the edge of the table.”

I spread open your labia lips now and crouch between your open legs. I take my tongue to your engorged clit and swirl it through your tangy, wet lips. Clockwise… then counter. You try desperately to stifle your moans. My thumb explores your wet opening as I continue to lap at your clit. Your pussy is so open for me… so wet and juicy. Oh god, all of the sounds your body is making are turning me on. You spread your legs even wider for me.

“Please… oh, god, please… deeper. Go deeper!” you beg me.

My cock is ready, pulsing and aching. I remove my top and climb onto the table. I slide my hands across your oiled body, making eye contact as I kiss your stomach, your thighs, and rub my cock in the trail of my saliva.

“Hold on a second…”

You turn to your left and grab for your purse, which is sitting just beneath the table. You withdraw a condom and hand it over to me before resuming your position.

I slide the condom down my cock and guide the tip toward your warm, inner lips. I caress it between your legs, shivering every time I hear you moan.

“Don’t stop,” you whisper.

I take that as confirmation not only of the fact that you want me to keep going, but that you also want me to cum for you. I steady my hands on either side of you and gently, very gently, penetrate your wetness.

I take my time, savoring every inch of you. You grab my hips as I thrust back and forth… pushing myself deeper and deeper inside of you…

Oh, god, that feels good… I pump slow and sensually inside of you. Then, I speed up my thrusts. Your breasts bounce right before me as your skin glistens with oil and sweat. You are the sexiest woman I have ever pleasured.

“Ohhh, fuck me. Please, harder. Yeah, yeah, faster!” Your fingers dig into my back as I pound away at you.

Our bodies rub and slide against each other, hot and sweaty and sticky. Oh, god, it feels so good having your tight pussy clench around my cock. I want to make you feel so good. I use my free hand to circle and stroke your clit. Your back arches and your whole body tenses. I think you’re about to cum.

“Right there! Right on my clit. Yes. Yes!”

My cock pushes deeper inside of you, straining to reach your coveted g-spot. Oh, god. Yes… right there… cum for me!

You orgasm hard and fast, your body quivering beneath me as tremors pass through you. The pressure of your pussy clenching tightly around my cock becomes too much to bear. The sight of you moaning through the pleasure is too much. I cum, hard, and try desperately to keep my moans to myself so no one else hears what’s happening.

I pull out of you and note the hypnotic grin on your face. I collapse onto the table beside you, the two of us breathing heavily. I roll off the table, suddenly aware of the time. I trail my fingers against your sticky body, covered in oil and cum and sweat. I dig them gently into your flesh, one last time. I trail my touch down your arms and stomach and thighs, making sure all the knots, all that tension, is gone for good. I grab a towel and clean you off. Then, I pull the blanket over you and look into your eyes.

You smile at me in gratitude.

"Take as long as you want. I hope you now feel at ease, and I’m happy to help you... relax… if you should need my services again.”

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