Lustery playlist – Ménage à more!

Category: Couple News

Author: Annie Brookstone

As pandemic lockdowns lift and restrictions begin easing, our social circles slowly begin to swell and our social distances gradually shrink, there’s surely one thing on everyone’s mind: group sex. I’m only half-kidding, of course – something that has more to do with the last decade of my porn search history than anything else. Our fascination with threesomes, foursomes and more started long before gathering in crowds turned into a distant fantasy, and now that you’re finally able to get the gang (bang) back together, what better way to celebrate than with some of Lustery’s most well-attended – and hottest – videos?

Four’s The Merrier Silky & Velvet, Fedora & Fabio

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What happens when you take two of Lustery’s hottest couples and put them in one stunning location to get to know each other? We’d say “you can only imagine” but in this case even the dirtiest mind might not do it justice, so we suggest you hit ‘play’ instead.

As Silky, Velvet, Fedora and Fabio descend upon Málaga, the stage (in other words, patio, bathtub and bed) is set for a series of firsts that will leave them – and us – breathless. If ever there was a Lustery ‘supergroup’, this is it!

Three-Way Holiday Amy & JR

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Amy and JR’s latest Lustery vlog demonstrates that while two may be company, three’s… a vacation (and a raunchy one at that)! As if London’s most charming twosome could get any more likeable, this time they dial up the laughs, insights and lust by bringing lover Belle along for the ride – pun very much intended – proving that with enough communication, honesty and not taking yourself too seriously, hot-as-fuck threeways are not just the stuff of fantasy.

Make Mine A Triple Anca & Daniela

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When it comes to exploring their sexuality together, gorgeous Russian lesbians Anca and Daniela don’t do anything in half measures. In fact, if their second submission is anything to go by, they’re more likely to double up, this time adding a whole extra dose of adorable to the mix in the form of friend Alicia. Disarmingly sincere and outrageously sexy, this sapphic threesome is sugar and spice and absolutely everything nice.

Bambi’s Surprise Bambi & Adon

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From the cute to the downright kinky, Canadian couple Bambi and Adon’s newest Lustery submission is a deliciously explicit demonstration of how group dynamics really do come down to whether or not you can play well with others. In the case of these roleplay-revelling lovers, sweet sub Bambi has to prove her obedience to a demanding Adon first before she’s allowed to be ravished by her wicked new plaything Howl.

Spreading Their Love Vincent & Sophia

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Watching three people share their bodies in a moment of intense passion is hot but watching them share the profound observations that inform their sensuality, desire and outlook on sex? Maybe even hotter. Good thing we’re lavished with generous helpings of both in this sensation threesome offering from Berlin-based Vincent, Sophia and Flo. The jaw-dropping strap-on spit roast is just the cherry on top.

Birds Eye View Basura, Andrea & Naya

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Beginning in a tangle of limbs and giggles, smooches and caresses, we’re pleased to report that things don’t get any less enmeshed or enamoured from there as Spanish throuple Basura, Andrea and Naya reconfigure themselves into every possible combination of mouths, fingers and genitals. With a bird’s eye view from a ceiling mounted camera, every intense and intimate angle of the action is tantalisingly visible.

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