Lustery Playlist – Masturbation May JOI Ride

Category: Couple News

Author: Annie Brookstone

Masturbation May is our favorite excuse to get a little ‘hands-on’, and the ways and reasons to do so are infinite! This month we’ve challenged our community to change up the way that you masturbate – and in some cases, given strict (but sexy!) orders on exactly how to do so. After all, if there’s one person who knows how to make you orgasm better than anybody else, it’s you – but a helping hand (or hot-as-fuck jerk-off instruction video) never hurts. Need some inspiration? Look no further than this month’s Lustery playlist!

Pablo & Mati A JOI To Behold


It’s ‘show and tell’ time in the latest achingly hot submission from Santiago-based boyfriends Pablo and Mati, meaning Mati is going to show you how it’s done and Pablo is going to tell you exactly how to do it with a JOI video literally made to make you cum. And based on Pablo’s sultry directions, Mati’s visceral response to him and their incredible chemistry, who are we to refuse?

Eva & Roo Vibe With Me


Playing with yourself, like every other form of play, takes on a new dimension when there are toys involved – and luckily for Lustery’s sweetest camgirl cuties Eva and Roo, they’ve got plenty! For their JOI submission, the tattooed twosome has raided the toybox, and Roo gets to decide the rules of the game, taking charge to tell Eva exactly how to get herself buzzed on those good vibrations…

Moxy & Verve Yummy Yearning


Non-binary babes’ Moxy and Verve’s kinky-but-cute (but oh-so-very-kinky) Mommy/Princess dynamic means that Moxy telling Verve what to do and how to do it is all in a day’s play for the queer Canadians. And this time around, Verve is on their best behavior as Moxy instructs them to start petting themselves through their panties. Of course, being good is easy when orgasms are the reward.

Melissa & Jason Dual Masturbation


There are few sex acts more underrated than mutual masturbation, though – luckily for us and especially luckily for them – not in Melissa and Jason’s bedroom. “We love masturbating together!” the free-spirited pair say. Making yourself cum watching your partner make themselves cum watching you making yourself cum? It’s exactly the type of meta we’re into!

Joana & Lee Kick Back And Climax


There’s asking nicely and then there’s asking really nicely, and you needn’t guess which Joana is doing in the Barebackpacker’s special JOI video for Lustery – no, you just need to look at the way lover Lee’s body responds. Intimate instruction meets horny hypnosis as, in soothing tones and sensual suggestions, Joana not so much coaches as coaxes you to cum – and cum hard!

Felipe & Vanessa Double Pleasure


This mega-hot Lustery Moment from Brazilian couple Vanessa and Felipe deserves special mention because in it Vanessa manages to do the impossible. No, I’m not talking about how she manages to get both herself and her lover off at the same time using just her hands but about the fact that she somehow, effortlessly, makes multitasking look sexy. Talk about skills!

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