Lustery Playlist — Lustery Awards Winners!

Category: Couple News

Author: Annie Brookstone

Lustery does porn differently and so it stands to reason that we do porn awards differently too. Instead of celebrating body parts, sex acts or studio-shot performances, we decided to focus on exactly what it is that makes home-made porn submitted by real-life couples so hot with some sexy superlatives of our own. Here, as voted for by you, the Lustery community, are our award-winning couples and videos!

Best Home Sex

Warm Reunion – James & Lola


Intimacy doesn’t get more idyllic than this first submission by James and Lola: a rustic wooden cabin, a sumptuous faux fur throw-draped bed bathed in golden lamplight, and two lovers taking their time to explore every inch of each other’s bodies.

Best Vlog Video

Four’s The Merrier – Fedora & Fabio, Silky & Velvet


Lustery’s very first foursome was as unforgettable for viewers as it was for its participants, Italian lovers Silky and Velvet, and Spanish sweethearts Fedora and Fabio. We loved watching the couples meet, get to know each other and then really get to know each other – and apparently you did too!

Best Short Scene

A Freshly Shaved Pussy – Melissa & Jason


Sometimes those short-but-sweet moments are just as passionate as hours-long marathon sex sessions. But don’t take our word for it; instead, just watch what happens when Melissa shyly reveals her newly shaved pussy to partner Jason in their kitchen one morning…

Best Outdoor Action

Life’s A Beach – Kim & Paolo


Packed with plenty of POV action, including foot play, droolworthy oral, dick riding and a messy facial, Italian lovers Kim and Paolo may have avoided getting caught in the act during this out-in-the-open seaside romp, but it has been viewed well over 60 000 times on Lustery screens – and there’s a reason for that! Whew!

Best Kink Film

Toy Story – Asteria & Ulysses


Who says you need a dungeon or a dark room to be kinky as all hell? With just a handful of toys (think hand cuffs, nipple clamps and butt plugs), a little imagination and some very devious intentions, Canadian couple Asteria and Ulysses set screens ablaze with their epic third video.

Cutest Introductions

Moxy & Verve


Speaking of kinky Canadians, according to Lustery members, no one makes a first impression quite like queer cuties Moxy and Verve. In fact, after saying “I love you” just a week after they met, you could say the made quite the impression on each other too – check out their delicious dirty Lustery debut and you’ll soon understand exactly why…

Most Romantic Couple

Isla & Oliver


If you want to talk chemistry, connection and straight up #couplegoals, we reckon adorable southern Californian pair Isla and Oliver are it. Their sensual debut had Lustery viewers falling in love with them with just the right combination of sweet, passionate, romantic and, of course, filthy!

Funniest Couple

Joana & Lee


Shining a spotlight on the fun, sometimes silly and always curious side of sex are nomadic babes Joana and Lee. Whether they’re exploring the world (as in their incredible vlog traveling through Turkey), each other’s bodies or, uh, the best use for ice cream topping during sex, there’s always something to smile about when they grace Lustery screens.

Most Passionate Kissers

Lina & Felicia


The internet is awash in articles that confirm that kissing is not only as intimate as sex, often it’s more intimate. Ukranian pair Lina and Felicia, well, they’re the palpable, heart-pounding, jaw-dropping passionate proof of that – just check out their dedicated makeout sesh!

Most Inspiring Sex Life

Kate & Chris


It’s no exaggeration to say Kate and Chris Marley’s authentic, empowered and deeply personal approach to love and love-making has inspired millions of people around the world. Emphasizing zero-pressure and all-pleasure, their Lustery videos may just change the way you think about and experience sex.

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