Listening In

Category: Erotica

Author: Bloom

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“Close that… server off… send that email tomorrow… DONE!”

Oh, god, my eyes are so exhausted from staring at this damn computer all day long. I can’t believe that last call went over three hours. Thank god I’m working from home, otherwise I’d be schlepping to the subway in the cold right about now. I can’t really complain though because I get to answer Zoom calls dressed only from the waist up. Oh, and the whole food thing! I can finally eat my garlicky noodles and curry whenever I want without Reggie two cubicles over bitching about the smell. It’s called flavor, man.

I probably have a few hours before I need to go to bed—wait. It’s 10:30?! Are you kidding me? Okay, well, that’s the downside of working from home, I guess.

“Shit, shit, shit, where’s my phone?” I should have texted you earlier, before everything went nuts. But, in my defense, I thought I was close to the end of my shift. I didn’t realize I’d be on a service call with a first-time customer. I’ll just text you goodnight real quick... and I clicked the call button. Because of course I did.


Your voice sounds strange. Breathy or something. “Uh, hey.”

“Hey. I was starting to think you fell asleep without telling me goodnight.”

“Yeah, sorry about that, babe. Long night at work.”

“Everything okay?”

“It was a clusterfuck, but it wasn’t my fault. So, that’s nice.”

“Yeah? That’s good.” You exhale deeply and… was that a moan?

“You alright?”

“Yeah, yeah. I was just… um, you know.

“No, I don’t know,” I chuckle. “What are you doing?”

You laugh a little, sounding impatient and flustered.

“What? What am I missing?”

“I was just letting off some steam. Masturbating.”

Ohhhhh, okay. I see now. So, that’s why you sound so breathy and kind of desperate. I wonder how you look right now. Are you lying in bed, spread-eagle, with the sheets tangled up in your legs? You must be so flushed right now. I wish I could see you.

“…so, you know, I’d like to get back to that, if it’s all the same to you.”

I see an opportunity here. “Go ahead. Don’t hold back on my account.”


“You want to let out some steam, right?”

“Yeah, but what? Are you saying you want to listen?”

“I mean, if you’re okay with that, I think it’d be really hot.”

“Okay. Yeah, that sounds, yeah. You could, uh, let off some steam, too, right? I mean, you had a long day and we both need to relax.”

“Yeah... definitely.” Fuck, this is going to be really hot. I don’t think I’ve ever had phone sex before. Definitely not with you. I lean back in my chair and rest my hand over my cock.

I don’t think I’ve ever had phone sex before. Definitely not with you. I lean back in my chair and rest my hand over my cock.

“So how far were you before I called?”

You chuckle, your breath low in the back of your throat. “Um, pretty far.”

“Think you can work yourself back up for me?”

“Keep telling me what to do, and that won’t be a problem.”

“Oh, you want me to talk, do you? Are you sure about that? I can get a little bossy.”

“I don’t really want to make any decisions right now. Just, fuck, just talk to me. Please.”

I wonder if you were using any toys before I called. You have so many to choose from. Maybe you’re playing with that thick dildo with a ton of vibration settings? The prostate massager?Your favorite bullet vibe? “How have you been touching yourself? Stroking your thick, hard cock? Or playing with your ass?”

“The prostate massager… no fingers.”

Oh fuck, I bet you look so fucking hot, up on all fours fucking yourself, one hand holding the phone to your ear so I can hear you. “Put yourself on speaker. I want you to use both hands.”

“Okay.” You place the phone down for a moment.

I almost want to ask you to FaceTime me so I can see you, but there’s something even more exciting about just hearing you, imagining what you look like right now.

“Okay, I’m here.”

“Good. Turn the massager on for me, baby. It’s still inside you, right?”

“Y-yeah—oh god…”

“That’s it. Just like that.” I pull my briefs down around my thighs with my free hand. I’m getting nice and hard already just listening to you and picturing you. I run my fingers up and down my shaft gently as I listen to you moan and squirm over the line.

“Now, start stroking your cock for me.”

You let out a low moan that makes my whole body shiver. “How fast?”

“Not too fast. Not yet.”

“Yes, sir. Fuck, yes.

“Good, just like that.” My breathing is picking up and my body is getting tense. Fuck, this is fun. “I like it when you call me that.” I wrap my fingers around the base of my cock, and pump up and down slowly. Is this what you’re doing right now, lying flat on the bed? I wish I could be right there with you. I want to push you down, crawl over you. Lick every inch of your skin as you touch yourself. Push that toy in and out while you squirm under me.

God, you’re making the most incredible noises. I can’t help imagining us lying there together, naked bodies rubbing against one another.

“C-can I…go faster?” you whimper.

“Mmm, getting impatient, huh? Yeah, go ahead. Go faster.” If I concentrate, I can almost hear the wet sounds of your hand sliding up and down your precum-slick shaft. “Fuck. Yeah, just like that. Just keep doing that.”

If I concentrate, I can almost hear the wet sounds of your hand sliding up and down your precum-slick shaft.

We really need to do this more often. My mind is going crazy. I want to see you, I want to touch you. I want to just lose myself in your voice and these sounds, just like this. I spread my legs wider, and pump faster. “I wish I was there right now; you sound so fucking good.”

“God, me too,” you groan. “I want you here. I want you to fuck me. I want you to just fuck me so hard that I can’t walk.”

“Oh, yeah? Yeah, you want me to fuck you? I would fuck your ass so hard, baby.”

“Yeah? Yeah, would you reach around and jerk me off, too?”

“Yes, fuck yes, I would.”

“Can I go faster? I need to go faster, please—”

“Tell me how it feels, baby. Tell me how that massager feels in your ass and then you can cum.”

“Fuck, fuck. It’s so good, baby. I can’t—I can’t stay still, it feels so good…!”

“Good boy, that’s so fucking hot. Okay, you can go faster now.” I kick my briefs off and spread my legs wide. I lean back in my desk chair and glide my hand across my shaft. Fuck, your moans are making me crazy.

“Fuck, I think I’m gonna—” You’re so close, aren’t you? I can hear it in the crack of your voice.

“Go for it. Let me hear you cum for me.” I work my shaft faster and faster. Heat rushes through my body.

“Oh my god, oh, fuck, I’m so close, I’m so close…!”

“That’s right, keep going. Keep going for me. I want to hear you cum so badly.” I know what you look like when we fuck, back arched and chest heaving, but right now I have no idea. Have you flipped over onto your back? Legs spread as you fuck yourself with that vibrator wishing it was my cock?

I close my eyes, pressing the phone closer to my ear as pleasure rushes through me.

You orgasm, hard. Or at least that’s what it sounds like. You let out a series of animalistic moans into your pillow before sucking your breath in between your teeth. Fuck, that’s all I needed to take me over the edge. Fuck, fuck––!

My orgasm rocks my body. My hips jerk and I cum into my hand with three hard thrusts. I try to catch my breath and listen to you doing the same. “So, how was that? Get some stress out?”

“Should be asking you the same question,” you sigh. “But, yeah, damn, that was good.”

“Oh yeah. I’m good. More than good. I just wish I could kiss you goodnight.”

“And fall asleep in my arms?”

“That too. I love you, baby. You clean up, clean the toys, and then head to bed, alright? I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Oh, still so bossy.” I can hear the smile in your voice. “I will. Love you too.”

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