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Introducing: Willow & Jules

Online dating can be hit-or-miss but for Willow and Jules, it was more of a match than they had ever anticipated.

June 21, 2021

The non-monogamous pair say that the fell in love after just a few days, hitting it off immediately after they met in person. By their second date, they were trading I love you’s along with saliva – when you know, you know, right? Things fell into place just as naturally in their sex life too, they explain. “We eased our way into a comfortable sexual relationship, built a base of open and honest communication about kinks, and things just exploded sexually from there.”

For one, they get to explore every side of a fluid and fun power dynamic. “We are both switches,” they say, “who enjoy giving and receiving pleasure, as well as taking on Dominant and submissive roles. We enjoy other types of roleplaying as well, and have fun fantasizing and setting up hot scenarios together.”

Integral to their sex life is what Jules prefers to call their "tools" – aka their toys. Their favorites, they say, are the Domi wand and a thick, glittery pink dildo they got from Godemiche (both of which, we might add, play stellar supporting roles in the queer cuties’ astonishing Lustery debut). “We also enjoy the occasional healthy dose of pain with our sex,” they grin. “Willow loves a good spanking, especially over the knee, and Jules can take a serious flogging.”

Of course, it’s all that much more exciting when they have an audience. “We're both exhibitionists with a membership to our local sex club and have enjoyed all kinds of shenanigans there, including the time we fucked naked on the roof in the middle of winter.” Needless to say, the playful pair are going to fit right in here and we can’t wait to see more of them.