Introducing: Vivienne & Stella

Category: Couple News

While many would-be hook-ups might have gone “oh well” and left it at that, these queer cuties got talking regardless and found their fascination with each other growing, despite the distance now between them. Fast-forward through five months of long-distance dating and the two are now happily living together, having recently also celebrated their one-year anniversary. They describe their relationship as full of playfulness and care.“We both really make the effort to make a safe loving space, but always have fun jabbing at one other,” they say. “We’re always receptive to the other’s needs and desires, and remind each other to keep things light, fun, and carefree.”

The Scorpio-Leo match channel the same receptiveness and attention to their changing needs into their sex life. “It really varies as both of our sex drives can fluctuate. Sometimes we have sex every day, sometimes it’s a week or two between sessions. We do a lot of erotically charged kissing, and we both love to eat pussy so we do that very often. We focus a lot on the closeness and sensations,” they say. 

When it comes to their favourite sex acts, Stella loves to 69 (“Simultaneous stimulation with lots of tongues and fingers is just so sexy,” they say) while Vivienne reckons playing with their strap-on is also mega hot. “Being able to make that eye contact with your partner and see their expressions and feel them against you is really erotic,” they say.

As well as beginning to explore their kinks together, the switchy Detroit-based lovers are now documenting their blossoming sex life too – for Lustery, of course! “We started filming our sex to feel more comfortable in our sexualities and found that it’s really a lot of fun and a sexy experience getting to share our love with the world!”