Introducing: Victoria & Hudson

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After matching on a dating app, where Victoria recognized Hudson from her job, the pair spent a few weeks getting to know each other online before hanging out in person. That is, until one night Hudson invited Victoria over to watch a scary movie. He says, “During the movie I was definitely nervous to make a move, but I finally put my arm around her, and when she looked up at me, I knew that was my chance!” Needless to say, the nerves quickly passed and the pair ended up having sex that night.

Since then, there’s been no looking back. “Our relationship is unique in the way that we both feel like we can be completely open with each other, and not feel ashamed or bashful when it comes to expressing what we like or want,” they say. “We’re both fun, have a go-getter attitude and make a good team.”

It’s exactly these qualities that have also led to their “epic” sex life – knowing what they want sexually and being open, honest, and receptive to each other’s desires has helped open up a new world of pleasure for the couple. For example, just look at their now shared love of foot play. As Victoria explains, “Hudson has quite the foot fetish. He loves to look at, touch, and taste my feet. It was definitely intriguing when he asked me if I had nice feet. I didn’t know how to even answer that question because I hadn’t thought about it before. I said, ‘I think so.’ Well, turns out I actually love having my feet worshiped. It feels amazing, and the way he gets aroused makes me so wet.”

A typical day in their sex life starts with cuddles and an energizing morning sex session (“It’s like a second cup of coffee,” they laugh) – and that’s just their first fuck of the day! “Usually, we like to have sex for a long period of time with various positions like doggy, cowgirl, etc. and vary from sensual to rough. We just go off what feels good in the moment.” Never mind feeling good; it also looks good – just check out their sensual Lustery debut for proof!

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