Introducing: Toni & Slice

Category: Couple News

It’s apt that Toni and Slice’s red-hot Lustery debut begins with a roaring fire, since theirs was a flame ignited by a Tinder match…

The pair have been together for more than a year ago, after a first date that lasted three full days and spanned all the emotions from rage (no, seriously, they went to a rage room) to lust. To be fair, it was mostly lust though, as is evidenced by the American couple’s incredible and eclectic sex life. A typical day in their sex life can involve fucking anywhere from once to eight times a day, starting from being woke up with a blow job (which inevitably leads to more) and then a shower to get clean… and maybe fuck again. “Whenever we cook, we will fondle each other and that will usually also turn into something as well. And when we are just relaxing and watching tv, that’s also the time where things will get a little sexual,” they add. “No time is safe, really!”

Don’t ask them to choose just one best position or sex act either – they like all of them. They do say, however, that their favorite place to get it on is “in the now”. Case in point: the time they had sex in the movie parking lot before heading to the cinema after not seeing each other for a couple of months. “If not at the moment, then on the janky old mattress that was left in the house we moved into,” they add. (Yes, you can hear it in their phenomenal first Lustery submission.)

They also love watching vintage porn and feature porn films together – inspiration for their foray into creating their own sensual videos, perhaps?