Introducing: Toma & Vova

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vWhen Toma and Vova describe their relationship as “spontaneous, unusual and hot”, it speaks volumes – about the way they first got together, the way they fuck and the way that even now, they take each moment as it comes. Their initial connection was all about going with the flow – or in their case, as with many a 21st-century romance, going with a right swipe. Two weeks after meeting on that dating app, they were already living together. “And now, after a few years, we never cease to delight each other,” they say.

Their sex is far from routine, focused more on what feels best there and then. “Sex is spontaneous,” they say. “Either it is absent for several days or we fuck like rabbits all day... Sometimes it’s lazy and drawn out with a long lovemaking and caresses, and sometimes hot and fast.” A similar openness to what feels good in the moment informs their favorite sex acts: sometimes she loves to be strangled a little and sometimes she loves it when he’s gentle with her; she loves when she is on top and controls the situation and he loves to fuck her from behind. “Both,” they say, “are right.”

The pair are also unafraid of getting it on wherever the mood strikes. “Once, armed with a video camera, we went to the beach to film some sex on the beach. But then a couple of men appeared out of nowhere and it was very embarrassing. In a fitting room, there was a similar case too...” They list their top places to fuck as on their bed, in nature, in the forest or on the beach. Oh, and they can’t not give a shout-out to that one time they had sex in a McDonald's closet – maybe not the most comfortable but certainly memorable! Oh, and that time she sucked him off on the Ferris wheel. And, of course, that time in the museum… Next up: sex on Lustery screens!

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