Introducing: Thie & Davis

Category: Couple News

The way Davis describes it, it only took him seeing Thie’s photo online for the first time to say, “He’s mine.” And he wasn’t wrong! The Brazilian pair first met through an internet group while both living in Recife in the northeast of the country. Now, almost four years later, they’re living together in the capital where “we have a house with several plants, a dog and a lot of love”. It paints a wholesome picture but make no mistake, fantasy, passion and an insatiable desire for exploration (and each other) all play a huge role in their relationship.

“We understand that love consists of relating with freedom and lightness,” they say. “It's about sex, about being a partner and giving the other person what they get back and it always works very well – every day we are more excited, more in love and discovering incredible things alongside each other.”

Their journey of discovery together has taken its share of X-rated twists and turns – to the extent that the lovers never say no when an opportunity to fuck presents itself. “We have already had sex in public places, waterfalls, sex houses, beaches and in several hotels with other couples,” they say. “Our relationship is open, so whenever possible, we allow ourselves to meet other people and places.”

It’s a shared sex life that is both intense and untraditional because, as they explain it, everything they like couldn’t possibly fit on the same bad. In terms of kinks and fetishes, the pair say, “We like to spit, piss, to be tied, and sometimes to be slapped. We really like double penetration sex, we already had sex at the carnival, and in several places around Brazil.” They also love incorporating toys and BDSM accessories: think vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, prostate stimulators, gloves, leather, jockstraps… There was once even a plastic butt, which they say was “a delight”.

While they can tick off sex at parties, in public restrooms, on walks, in cars and more, their latest adventure might be the most thrilling yet. “We recorded something for Lustery recently and that was one of our greatest adventures,” they say. “We hope you like it!”