Introducing: Tabby & NoName

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The pair hit it off instantaneously when they met, though it was more professional than personal at first. NoName was training Tabby at work and they developed a fast friendship while both romantically involved with other people. When those relationships had ended, the ‘friends’ went to dinner together and raised a toast to “never dating anyone again after having such terrible relationships”. Three months later, however, they were dating!

These days, friendship remains as important as romance. “We’re best friends,” they say. “We get along so well and have the absolute most fun with each other. We also challenge each other to be better versions of ourselves while still loving who we each are in the moment.”

Even after eight years together, they’re still learning new things about themselves and their relationship too – and making porn, they say, has helped! “Making and sharing content has strengthened our relationship more than we ever could've imagined. It pushed us to work on our communication, learn how to be patient with one another and helped us to prioritize our relationship. It has just been one of the healthiest and best decisions we've ever made for ourselves.” It’s also been one of the sexiest – that is, if their Lustery debut is anything to go by.

When it comes to their sex life, there’s one sex act they love for its intimacy, vulnerability and straight up hotness: rimming! “It took me a little while to realize how much I love it,” syas Tabby, “but NoName was always very patient with me and never pushed me to do it.” While oral sex and eating ass are always on the menu, they’re also always up for playing with power dynamics in the bedroom or bringing their sex out of it with semi-public play (including the time they hooked up at NoName’s old high school, when it was deserted for the holidays).

We can’t wait to get to know them better and continue witnessing their evolution right here on Lustery screens…

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