Introducing: Sara & Stacey

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“There was an immediate spark but a lack of real possibility.” This is how Sara and Stacey describe their first encounters, only for “possibility” to prove them wrong.

The pair first met several years ago in Marseille through common friends when Stacey was visiting the French city. Despite encountering each other at various queer scene events over the years and seemingly mutual ‘secret’ crushes, they explain that Stacey wasn’t around often and Sara travels extensively, so “it was too long a case of ships that pass in the night”.

Last year it all changed though. “Just weeks before the outbreak of the pandemic, Stacey was visiting to work on a literature project with friends, and as the borders began to close found herself somewhat stuck and attached to the city,” they say. “Over the course of some weeks, and a number of closer interactions at parties, deep conversations, and long lustful looks, the two of us began to finally explore a desire which had been bubbling for years, one thing led to another and before we knew it, an intense romantic and sexual connection had blossomed between us.”

The kinky couple call their relationship “a fire that gets hotter every day”. “We were excited to find that we share a treasure trove or kinks and fetishes, both identify within the world of BDSM as switches, and take delight in delving into unknown realms of our sexualities,” they say. “Sex often feels like an adventure. We both enjoy bondage, hardplay, breathplay, hot/cold games, denial, submission and domination. Exchanging and playing with fluids are a mutual fetish, accompanied by personal obsessions for sportswear and lingerie that we are happy to indulge one another in.”

Their favourite sex story involves a rooftop rendezvous, “watching passers-by far below and revelling in the knowledge of their ignorance as our delicious fluids flowed down the tiles”. This, they say, sums up how they love to fuck: “pushing the boundaries of our known experiences, taking excitement in exploring new things together and indulging strong mutual desire.”

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