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Introducing: Rocky & Tyler

Nothing is “out of reach” for this adventurous Las Vegas couple – after all, their romance may have started on a rock ledge...

January 16, 2023

Adult performer Rocky Emerson is no stranger to fans sliding into her social media DMs, however, she laughs, it was Tyler Blue who said the magic words: “Would you like to go rock climbing together?” As it turned out, a passion for scaling mountains was just one of their shared interests and after the best possible interpretation of a “rocky start”, the rest was history – two years later, they’re still going strong!

Thrill-seeking pair Rocky and Tyler describe their relationship as “adventurous, outdoorsy, chaotic and passionate” with plenty of loving tenderness thrown in to offset (or maybe complement) the chaos. “We spend a lot of time traveling and climbing,” they say.“We also have a dog and a cat and a new home too, so we are busy, busy, busy!”

While their crazy schedules may mean that there’s no such thing as a typical week in their sex life, let alone a typical day, one thing is for certain: their love for adrenaline-spiking activities absolutely extends to sex too – or is it the other way around? After all, they’re just as likely to fuck on a precarious mountain ledge as they are to climb up there in the first place –in fact, the first place they ever filmed themselves fucking was while rock climbing. For just about any other couple, outdoor sex might be an exciting but occasional kink but for these two, it’s standard. “Honestly,” they say, “our most adventurous feeling sex story was probably Rocky introducing Tyler to all her friends via a birthday party orgy.”

When they do have sex inside, some of their favorite sex acts include doggy for Tyler (with that view, who can blame him?) and missionary for Rocky for the delicious sensation of it. “We both also love eating ass and giving and receiving oral. Rocky really likes watching boys jerk off, and Tyler likes jerking off…” 

Naturally, recording themselves fucking is high up on their list of favorite things to do too. “Knowing other people get to enjoy what we are enjoying turns us on,” they say. And what can we say to that other than welcome to Lustery!