Introducing: Rey & Storm

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“I work as a traveling bartender and Storm was bartending for a show in Austin when I rolled into town,” says Rey. “We worked side by side for an entire (insanely busy) weekend without me noticing her. But once the weekend was over and we were all cleaning up, I saw this beautiful angel sitting in front of me. I had to get to know her.” They planned a day to hang out, which included thrifting, eating together and Rey spontaneously joining Storm’s dance class just to spend more time with her. “As the night was coming to a close, I walked her to her car, and right as I was leaving, she whispered softly, ‘Could I kiss you?’” With that, says Rey, one simple sentence and a gentle kiss, she had won his heart for all time.

Now, a year down the line, the adorable twosome and new Lustery couple has no shortage of swooning adjectives to describe their relationship: loving, understanding, peaceful, supportive, infinite, expressive, educational, electric, primal, explosive… The list goes on! Rey says, “I love to take care of Storm. All I want to do is nurture her and make all her dreams come true. I give my heart to her each and every day, and she returns the favor.”

That mutual desire to give and receive is blissfully applicable to their sex life too. “I love a long foreplay session, plenty of teasing, subtle dirty talk, and giving and receiving oral sex,” says Storm. She says she also loves it when Rey spanks and lightly chokes her during sex. Deliciously drawn-out foreplay is also high up on Rey’s favorites list along with missionary sex and anything that allows him to be as close to Storm as possible. He says that nothing turns him on more than flipping all his insatiable lover’s switches and feeling her get wetter by the second. “Mostly,” he adds. “I love giving her my everything and seeing her reach climax as many times as her heart desires.”

The creative couple say they’re currently exploring how to weave storytelling into their erotic escapades. “We’re researching some characters for role-playing, which is something we haven’t tried yet. That’s our goal for our next Lustery video.”

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