Introducing: Ravyn & Sam

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What do you get when you put together two creatives with an eye for filth and throw in a whole bunch of chemistry? Ravyn and Sam are about to show you!

The kinky creatives first met when after Ravyn, a model, contacted Sam to enquire to about working together. “We ended up shooting for a couple hours and hung out and made dinner together,” says Ravyn. “We even shot our first video together of a scene where Sam was holding me in his lap and shoving his fingers down my throat and then fucking me with them! It was so incredibly hot and we became friends immediately.”

From friends to lovers, their relationship has been marked by their shared eagerness to explore, try new things and meet new people together. “Our main shared fetish has got to be voyuerism and ‘handling’ people together. Being photographers and pornographers, we both find a lot of things about sex super beautiful and interesting on a compositional level,” says Ravyn. “Every time we're in a new location or with new people and I see Sam fucking them or moving a certain way, I almost forget what I'm doing to watch. I've been known to separate myself from group play to find my camera and photograph or record a particularly stunning moment.” It’s no surprise that many of their most memorable sexual adventures together have been threesomes – whether Ravyn’s first time being double penetrated or a shared domming experience in a hot tub. Pretty special, right?

However, even just a ‘typical’ day in their sex life is a special occasion. Because the two have other partners and work a lot, they usually only see each other a few times a month. “Our dates start with meeting up and catching up; we like to talk about photography ideas we have and have a drink together,” they say. “Then there's lots of kissing and touching, which typically leads to some other sexy stuff – you'll have to watch our videos if you want to know what that's like!” Afterwards, they say, whether it’s fucking or creating together, they always seem to end up cooking a meal (“Food and sex belong together!” says Ravyn).

All we can say, is you’ll definitely want to see what they’re cooking up in their incredible Lustery debut!

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