Introducing: Nate & Rain

Category: Couple News

The international nomads had been living in completely different parts of the country after the pandemic had caused all flights out of the country to be cancelled. However, this proved to be a blessing in disguise, as they tell it: “We were both visiting India for two months and three weeks respectively, and ended up staying there for two years! We both fell in love with this land and decided to call it home even after it was possible to leave again.” Now traveling the world together, the pair lead an extraordinary and unfettered life “lay[ing] no roots” with life “tak[ing] us where we feel most drawn.” This tends to be remote areas of “incredible” nature, including glacial mountains, jungle valleys, and volcanic deserts. This constant on-the-go lifestyle can be tiring, but Nate and Rain make a point to always create time and space for love making (often in some of the most aesthetically beautiful places on the planet). Indeed, their first “naked adventure” together was “in one of the most incredible and unreal places on this Earth.” With an entire peak to themselves, they “spent the entire day exploring each others bodies in every beautiful corner of this mountain valley.” Only… they weren’t quite alone! A group of hikers surprised them at sunset, but they just ended up continuing into the early hours of the morning. Clearly, these two love exhibitionism, and they describe it as their “fetish of choice”: “We have definitely made love in more risky spots than we can even count! It’s not always easy but it is the sexiest thing ever!” Of course, they also enjoy a cozy and comfortable bedroom every now and then… usually paired with a gorgeous view like their stunning Lustery debut!

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