Introducing: Nando & Sara

Category: Couple News

“One day Nando saw a picture of Sara on Twitter and it was impossible for him not to comment on that picture…”

This is how Spanish sweethearts Nando and Sara’s romance begins – with a stumble upon each other in cyberspace and a ‘like’ that transcended pixels to turn into a real-life romance. As they explain it, since that fateful day they haven’t stopped talking for a second and now, after almost five years together, they share every experience “to the fullest” and do everything together, including working together.

The passionate pair have also shared plenty of adventures in the years since they first clicked. (Get it? ‘Clicked’?) One of their more risqué exploits involved getting frisky – and we’re talking butt-naked frisky – on a walk in the mountains only to be unexpectedly interrupted… by two very friendly dogs. “The dogs wouldn't leave no matter how much the owner called them, and in the end, the owner had to come and get them. Thank goodness we had time to get dressed!” they laugh.

Even in their own bedroom, the thrills keep coming with this confessedly kinky couple. They reckon that they usually have sex two or three times a day and love playing with power dynamics, usually with Sara in the submissive role. “We like submission very much, so any position where Sara gets to be submissive is our favourite,” they say. You need only watch their spectacular Lustery debut for proof, as Nando uses Sara’s mouth and pussy as he pleases in a variety of positions…

And speaking of Lustery, did you know their other fetish is being watched? We couldn’t ask for a better match. Welcome!