Introducing: Mun & Ryo

Category: Couple News

The polyamorous pair met several years ago at an “intimate party” of mutual friends where the two were tasked with making chocolate truffles. They felt a unique sexual chemistry right from the start, when Ryo smeared chocolate on Mun’s chest and then proceeded to lick it off! Since that delectable first meeting, the two have been exploring new sexual fantasies every day (often more than once!) Sharing a mutual love of BDSM, they cherish the fact that they have found a partner who shares a desire for experimentation and a willingness to actually follow through. They love to spit on each other, pee on each other, and play with the “stigmatized world of romance.” They also enjoy mixing up where they explore their sexuality, frequently exploring the wilds of their native Southern Argentina to “decontextualize it, to naturalize it outside of the more normal spaces.” Their explorations frequently lead to roleplay, both planned and improvised, with various “tools and toys” that can sometimes leave them “shaking.” No matter how long or intense their sexcapades might be, they always take the time for aftercare with massages and caresses that themselves can be quite erotic. Although it’s not always easy or comfortable, they enjoy knowing that they are able to create and experiment with each other without fear of shame or judgement.

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