Introducing: Morgpie & Mr. Morgpie

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Currently based in Los Angeles, the couple first met on the job around four-and-a-half years ago. “It took about a year before we finally hooked up,” they say. “We worked there together for about two years, moving in together during that time.” About a year into their relationship, they started ‘working together’ in a different way, filming and releasing their own porn, and now run a business together.

While sex may be all in a day’s work now, it turns out that was also the case even when they were working at the call center. The horny twosome confesses that back then they used to sneak out during their 15-minute work breaks to fuck in the woods. “We’d have to be quick about it, obviously, but that’s what made doing it such a turn-on! It would take five minutes each way to walk from our desks to the woods, so we would only have five minutes to do whatever we were going to do. So hot!”

These days, they’re more likely to keep things comfy in their bed at home but their sex life is still every bit as hot. They say, “Our favorite positions are missionary and prone bone – and we love throatpies!” “Usually, I (Morgpie) will get my vibrator out and turn on some hentai for us to watch together to get warmed up. I'll cum a couple times on my vibrator while he jerks off. Then we'll fuck!”

Shooting porn together has also allowed them to explore new sides of themselves, each other, and the ways in which they have sex. Morgpie says, “When we first got together, I was super submissive but I’ve been getting more dominant and more experimental since we started shooting porn.” Trying things on camera has helped them discover new favorite sex acts, positions, and ways of relating – and the results speak for themselves. You only need to watch their sensational Lustery debut to know that!

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