Introducing: Milana & Oleg

Category: Couple News

The pair first met five years ago at a party. The encounter was brief, but enough for them to be on each other’s radars. When they discovered that Oleg’s college was right next to Milana’s school, he started walking her home after classes. They struck up a friendship, eventually hooked up and, of course, fell very much in love as well as in lust. That was four years ago and they haven’t looked back since.

These days, the lovers spend their time doing what they’re most passionate about – each other! “We love and appreciate each other very much and we spend a lot of time together,” they say. Much of which involves sex, sex and more sex! For these two, filming themselves fucking soon went from a fun pastime to their 9-to5 (and beyond). So how much sex are we talking here? “We usually have sex several times a day. During the day we shoot videos for our beloved fans, which can sometimes get very tiring but we still enjoy the process. We also have sex before bed, but are no longer distracted by the camera – then it only happens between us.”

It’s not surprising that with this much sex going on, the two have a clear idea of their favourite sex acts and positions, namely… everything! “Doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, sideways, 69… We like absolutely everything,” they laugh. They’re also big fans of anal sex, though Milana confesses foot jobs might just be for special occasions (“My legs get tired quickly,” she says).

Naturally, being horny for each other 24/7 has also resulted in some exciting escapades. Their most adventurous sex story involved going for it in the woods, they say. Despite the risk of being caught – or maybe because of it – they report that the experience was super-hot.. though they could have done without the mosquitoes and the ants. We reckon it’s best to stick to where they’re comfortable – on camera! We’re thrilled to welcome the pair to Lustery screens.

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