Introducing: Luke & Rylan

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A mutual fascination with Tantra might have brought Luke and Rylan together about a year ago but their instant connection went beyond just shared interests. Rylan says he knew from the moment he met Luke that Luke was his gift from the Universe. Two months later, on Thanksgiving, they moved in together and are living an extraordinary life. Rylan says, “I am excited to wake up each morning and the first person I see is Luke.”

The Florida-based gay lovers have lived together now for six months and describe their relationship as “new, adventurous, and very positive” and both have “exceeding substantial sexual appetites”. They feel there is no such thing as too much sex. Their shared goal is to keep their sex life as adventurous and open to new possibilities as they can.

It’s a mindset that has made for more than a few adrenaline-spiking sex stories.“Our most adventurous sex happened when we were at a pool party and decided to float on pool noodles and make love right in the middle of the pool. An added thrill was the fact that there were other guys still in the pool,” they say. Rylan states he tends to get loud during sex and trying to be “sneaky” just doesn’t work. Another adventurous time was when they stayed at a bed and breakfast, and made love in the bedroom with the door wide open while others walked past the room and peeked at the action going on inside.

Luke and Rylan’s favorite positions are any position that allows them to look into each other’s eyes while connected physically. Rylan prefers deep penetration, and Luke knows precisely how to provide him with “rocking orgasms”. They only practice bareback sex, and receiving each other’s load is one of the things they love most about sex with each other. Both are very versatile, enjoying both giving and receiving, and – when playing with light BDSM – both are happy to alternate dominant and submissive roles. Rylan particularly loves eating Luke’s ass and Luke does a “beautiful job” sucking Rylan’s cock dry.

The love these two guys share for one another is clear throughout any given day. Rylan always has a hot cup of coffee waiting for Luke each morning when he awakens; Luke, conversely, has his own hot and steamy offering and will frequently send Rylan naughty photos and text messages while Rylan is at work.

When it comes to making love, they say, “We are in no rush to get it done. We share intense energy waves during our sessions, reaching complete euphoric bliss at times”.

And with a vast assortment of dildos, cock and penis rings, penis pumps, vibrating prostate toys, sounding rods, electrostimulation devices, a fucking machine, ropes, restraints, cuffs, floggers, anal toys and more, each lovemaking session is a new and exciting adventure. Needless to say, we can’t wait to see which adventures they share here on Lustery!

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